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  • Last years exercises

    last year B coy 7 inf did a FIBUA ex with the often does that happen? any one here on a big ex like that, or had use of the MILES/TESS? thanks -

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    Yup, I was also on that exercise, was meant to do a training exercise with mowags or scorpions with the 9bn last summer. Its fairly regular, but it has to be spread around all units so you may not see it too often.
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      Re: Last years exercises

      Originally posted by sunnyjim
      last year B coy 7 inf did a FIBUA ex with the navy...
      Oh so the 7th bn is just B coy now eh?

      well listen here sunny jim.... there were 5 other companys on that exercise A to E... (there is 5 companys in the 7th bn) and B coy never got to toucg a naval craft! only C & E did!

      and just incase you dont belive me....
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        Dont ask me I was just there on medical attachment. I think it was to get the involved in a section or platoon attack???:D
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          The Mowags are an Infantry vehicle Only, one is assigned to the cav and that is the mobile work shop.

          As for working with Scorpions.....same concept as working with AML 90s during the past few PSO OPERATIONS.....ALTHOUGH i DOUBT IF THERE WAS ANY INTERACTION .They were probably allowed to look at them and then The cav carried on about their own business we tend to do!

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