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    Has any Reserve Bn, taken part in a air born exercise?, carried out heli drills?
    Do you think that it would be a possibility? For a exercise like this to take place.

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    There's barely any air transport available at any one time, considering that the 7 AIIIs are running low on parts the fleet is getting smaller, The DAuphin was rumoured to be on army co-op now but even if thats true the remaining flying hours are limited.

    The PDF are rarely able to access air transport apart from some three star classes getting a day of training in the don, Heli's used to get used on the border for deploying patrols but I don't know if the practice continues.
    The current issue for RDF units is achieving unit level functionality in our basic tasks, while there are capable individuals who deserve to advacne onto further training opportunities (hence my advocacy of a special recce unit for the reserves to keep them in and keep them interested) the reserve is crippled by a lack of standardisation in training, fitness and experience standards until these are resolved and it only takes ONE unit to fulfill one unit's role there is no viability in introducing further unit level training goals.
    That said RDF/FCA personnel who carried out admin duties in Monaghan in 1997 got a few jaunts around the Barracks in an AIII, before the people in charge calle it to a halt for "insurance" reasons.

    What is a more interesting question is what potential development s are there in PDF/ ALL Army helicopter co-op deployment in the future?
    When you think about it the BA/ RAF/RN fleet consists of 36 CH-47, 15xEH101, 33xPuma, 8xWessex (soon to be replaced by Merlins, and leased helicopters in certain missions), 29xSea King, 122xLynx, 113xGazelle and currently 12 WAH-64s, 4x A109.
    Supporting a 214,000 man organisation with 61 infantry battalions (including 15 TA), (Not including the Royal marines 3BNs and the RAF regiment).
    Although Ireland suffers considerable diseconomies of scale (Apaches and Chinooks wouldn't make sense even in war time) it could still be said that comparable advantages to those enjoyed by the British armed forces can be got by the Irish army (18 inf BNs, Including 9 [non functional at war establishment] reserve) with a much smaller fleet.
    IF you Accept the British maximum as being 237 TT helicopters then thats about 903 men per helicopter, not accounting for the varying load outs this would give just slightly more coverage then for an IrDF running 18 helicopters for 20,000 personnel (max) at 1,111 personnel per helicopter or 1250 for the more realistic figure of 16 helicopters.

    8x ML helis can carry between 96-240 combat equipped personnel (depending on the model)
    8x Light twin Heli's can carry around 56.
    The issue isn't how many troops you can have in the air at once, it's how fast you can move your resources, there is absolutely nothing stopping the use of two Helis to move 1 section if that is tactically required or preferable.

    If a comparable fleet existed then an airmobility doctrine could be built, and only THEN could reservists start seeing a fair chance of Heli-coop training.
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      A special operations unit and now an airbourne reserve troop. Come on get real. There is no way on gods earth the government are going to spend that kind of money. I know it sounds nice and all but it will never happin. Although I would admit I would put my name forward for such training if it became available.
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        He's not calling for a reserve airmobile unit. He just stated that the Defence Forces would have to get a decent helicopter fleet before any reservists would get the chance to train with them. Imshi is among the more realistic members of this board.
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          Try reading the posts before you respond, it helps
          "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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            Who's this Imshi person your talking about?


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              It's an old posters tale, his name was Imshi, he wuz seven foot tall with flaming red hair.....
              "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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                ... with arms like tree trunks. His eyes were like steel, cold, hard.


                He's long since passed into weblore, like other legendary posters of times past, like Watcher, curious and James White ...


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                  Hmmmm........ seams that Frank Aiken beat the fonz to it!!!!:D

                  and where is imish??? guessing by the content of some peoples posts hes here under a diffrent name!!!
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                    Maybe someone could restart this topic on my more realistic tangent so it can get some serious discussion?
                    Before everyone gets caught up in the Fonz/frankA should the reserves each get a personal dirtbike/minigun/Harrier post each discussion, sure to be whiz bang brilliant
                    "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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                      How much training do you need to get in and out of a helicopter? One day is about enough. And the Alouette can carry three or four infantrymen at a squeeze so it is to all intents and purposes useless for the task.
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                        I don't want to have an air born unit set up, just what to see if people thaught that we could get to use a air transport in a exercise, ie dropping off a recce patrol etc?
                        If i had posted the question last year would we get to use mowags in a exercise what would have been said?, and one year on.... done that.


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                          Omega Red Cell Rainbow Delta Wing 14

                          What do ya's think of this lads a Stealth Bomber/Ranger Wing/Abram/Minigun team. We could call it Omega Red Cell Rainbow Delta Wing 14, Catchy or what?