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  • Who is the best?

    I know that the Army Ranger Wing is the elite force in Ireland but is there another unit that comes a close second. In Britain there is a lot of rivalry between the SAS and the SBS as to who is the best and at a lower level the Para`s and the Royal Marines. Is there any such units that come close to the ARW or similar role.

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    In short no. Some of the skills which the rangers are trained in are replicated at unit level such as CTR and Sniper Teams. Also the Naval Service divers are considered to be the top in their field, but there is no other unit that approximates the all round specialist skills the the ARW possesses. That is unless Come Quickly becomes the Minister for Defence and starts introducing parachute battallions.:D


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      All round Specialist ...

      Bit of an oxymoron... but WTFDIK
      "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

      "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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        From what I know, the various tours in East Timor were some of the best, highly trained group to serve this country


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          Do the ARW not have specialist back up units eg signals, engineers, medics etc.