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German people - Irish Army ?

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  • German people - Irish Army ?


    Is it possible for German people who have a German & Irish nationality to enter the Irish army ? if yes, what are the conditions ?

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    Are you an Irish citizen? If so it wouldnt be a problem. as a matter of interest,why do you want to join the Irish Army in preference to the Bundeswehr? (dunno if i spelled that right,thank God for the moderator)


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      Well I'm not him, but I saw something on the Bundeswehr getting a major reduction, like closing bases and installations and reducing force size.
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        Most of the reductions in manpower is expected to come from the abolition of conscription.
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          ah jaysus thanks joshua. where'd we be without you?


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            There is or was a lad in the west who is half German. I thought his nickname was Helmet and wondered why until someone explained to me that his name is Helmuth.

            Anyway he was a space cadet who's party piece was a Sex Pistols number complete with breaking beer bottles off the wall.
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              I´m not a citizen at present. I live in Germany and I was thinking of joining the irish army because of the reductions. Please give me some information about the conditions.


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                Perhaps you should visit the Defence Forces website and contact a man power officer, .
                I don't know what your chances are but you might have to live in Ireland for 6 months before enlistment, but don't take this as complete fact.


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                  thanks for the tip! is there an exception because of the age limit 27 ?


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                    Its going to be pretty hard to join the PDF at 27... perhaps if you are a specailist you might find it easier?

                    however you may be able to join the RDF which is part time,

                    I think your best bet would be to contact the information officer Captain Sean I Fatharta on

                    +353 (0)1 8042690

                    If your calling from Germany leave out that zero inside the brackets.

                    Best of luck !!!!


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                      As a matter of interest, how about an Irish person joining the Bundeswehr? - obviously the person must be a resident, but is there any restrictions on irish people joining?


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                        I'd imagine a good command of the German language would be a good starting
                        point. As for eligibility, I imagine their requirements may be similiar to ours,
                        i.e; be a citizen by birth, be born of parents so born, or hold citizenship, in which
                        case, other factors would apply...
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