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  • Sniper rifle

    Can anyone tell me how the Accuracy International compairs to the Steyr SSG.308 that the gardai have?
    The gardai must train with the df with this, does anyone know anything about garda snipers?

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    If you just want the technical details:

    They're the products of different design philosophies in sniping rifles, though differ from some others in that they were both purpose-designed for the job, as opposed to converted hunting rifles.

    The Steyr is more of a "counter-sniper" rifle, as its lighter and handier than the Acccuracy International.


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      L42 Sniper Rifle

      Whilst on the subject was the L42 A1 ever issued to the Defence Force or did you have the old No 4 T ?
      Come to think about it the L42 was only ever a No 4 reciever with a heavy 7.62mm barrel and the old No32 scope re-issued although slightly modified to accept the NATO round.
      Well Hurrah and Hussar!


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        There's a thread on that very subject:


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          i heard on the vines that the df are replacing the accuracy international with a semi auto .50 such as the barret light 50 , anyone else hear this ,
          "take a look to the sky right before you die, its the last time you will"


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            Not as a sniper rifle. I think the discussion about anti material rifles was held here some months ago.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              A good source had it that they were replacing (the accuracy)them as a sniper (anti personel weapon )!! An idea with some merits and some major drawbacks.
              "take a look to the sky right before you die, its the last time you will"


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                Dont the Ordnance Corps use a AI 96 .50 for exploding mines etc.
                There would be no point in buying a Barrett .50 if the 96 is available in that calibre also, parts would be cheaper by sticking to the same make of rifle.
                I can't see any situation in the near future where the DF would need an Anti-Materiel rifle, unless they decided to go into North Korea with the yanks.


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                  Acuuracy International make a .5 calibre rifle called the AW50.

                  Greyfox, I think you or the person passing the tale on to you had their wires crossed. The AW50, and other .50 cals weigh far too much to be carrying around.