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Army To Be Deployed to Shannon

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  • Army To Be Deployed to Shannon

    I see on the breaking news on the Irish Times website, that the government is to consider the the possible deployment of Army personel to provide extra security at Shannon Airport, it seems that the Gardai and Shannon APO's cannot control the situation.

    Any thoughts.............

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    Well, I think it's only fair that Thorpe doesn't go anywhere near SNN (he'll have them breaking stones).

    At least the government are taking action. Everyone has a right to protest but they don't have a right to invade an airport and cause criminal damage to aircraft, especially to the cost of the taxpayer.

    Obviously I would reccommend that the RDF be included in this new plan. Perhaps, we could get some duties out of it. Also, I could do with a weeks pay.
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      Can I transfer back to Limerick for the duration? I still know how to beat timber against head..
      Their actions could be in breach of many FAA regulations and may inderectly cause the closure of the airport,should these incursions and attacks on aircraft continue..

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Just remember your average Crutsty does not like cold steel.
        They don't like it up 'em,
        They do not like it up 'em!



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          well that 50yr old tree hugger knew what she was doing when she damaged the nose and landing gear of the aircraft. But the latest action must be taken seriously. Five people again breaching what seems like low level security at and international airport. And then overpowering a member of the Gardai, would they get a jail sentence for this action.

          Hopefully they will.


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            The 'Peace Camp' is located outside the parameter fence of the airport. While not causing any direct obstruction it is located near an area where light aircraft approach. Imangine an accident caused by a 'crustie' running across the runway and killing crew and passengers of a civilian aircraft. Would this still be within their 'non-violent' protest! Could they excuse the loss of lives in SNN for their principles? I think not.

            It appears as if ATA are going to pull out of SNN and cause a major loss of revenue to the area. These are peoples jobs and livelyhoods!

            These 'peace protesters' should be stopped! NAPALM could be an option....
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              All I can say I'm glad I'm not one of the security guards at Shannon, with more people damaging the US planes.... but wouldn’t it be great to meet them while out on patrol and introduce them to Mr. Baton and his friend my Doc Martin Boot :D

              I'm sure the FCA could carry out guard duties in Shannon over the weekends.


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                I think we should get the boys and girls from the equestrian school down there and give them lances and sabres,.... into the camp of peace they rode...

                Half a league, half a league,

                Half a league onward,

                All in the Camp of Peace

                Rode the six hundred.

                "Forward, the Light Brigade!

                Charge for the crusties!" he said:

                Into the Camp of Peace

                Rode the six hundred.

                "Forward, the Light Brigade!"

                Was there a man dismayed?

                Not tho' the soldiers knew

                Someone had damaged an airplane:

                Theirs was not to make reply,

                Theirs was not to reason why,

                Theirs was but to kick crusties in the nuts and make them cry:

                Into the Camp of Peace

                Rode the six hundred.

                Crusties to the right of them,

                Crusties to the left of them,

                Crusties in front of them

                ran and fle'd;

                Storm'd at with plackard and axes,

                Boldly they rode and well,

                Into the jaws of Shannon,

                Into the mouth of Refueling peace,

                Rode the six hundred.

                Flashed all their sabres bare,

                Flashed as they turned in air,

                Sab'ring the hippies there,

                Charging and army, while

                All the world wondered:

                Plunging in the crustie camps smoke,

                Right through the picket line they broke;

                Crustie and Socialist Worker

                Reeled from the sabre-stroke

                Shattered and sundered.

                Then they rode back, but not--

                Not the six hundred (a number of them got a lift from Shannon to Iraq).

                When can their glory fade?

                Oh, the wild charge they made!

                All the world wondered.

                Honor the charge they made!

                Honor the Light Brigade,

                Noble Six Hundred!


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                  Round of applause for LordFlash!! Fair play..

                  I also copied that into an email and sent it to chief crustie
                  I don't believe in love - just friendship + sex


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                    Airline considers pulling out of Shannon
                    by Emer Connolly Filed at: 7.15am

                    World Airways, whose aircraft have refueled at Shannon Airport en route to Iraq in recent weeks, are understood to be seriously considering pulling out of Shannon.

                    Clare FM understands that the airline is instead considering operating out of Frankfurt airport.

                    More than 10 World Airways aircraft carrying troops to Iraq have refueled at Shannon airport since Christmas.

                    Now the company is understood to be seriously considering the option of pulling out of the airport, in favour of using Frankfurt airport in Germany.

                    The recent protest at the airport, coupled with the media attention on the use of Shannon for military aircraft, are understood to be key factors in the company's decision.

                    This would have an adverse effect on Shannon and would be a substantial financial loss to the airport, given that a number of World Airways' chartered flights go through Shannon during the summer.

                    When contacted by Clare FM, a spokeswoman for the airline said that, under the instructions of the CEO, the company will not talk to the media.
                    __________________________________________________ _____

                    This is the effect that the protest is having. In the end is they win their battle and get the planes out of Shannon. It's going to be the local townspeopel that will be the one's to suffer in the long run. Remember SNN is crying out for business.


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                      "Cavalry is present on the battlefield merely to lend some class to what would otherwise be a vulgar sort of brawl".

                      Bravo Flash, BTW

                      Know your enemy.
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                        I acn inform ye that it is now official. The Garda Commissioner has requested the Army to provide security at SNN. How will they be deployed and how many do you think will be involved. Maybe some Mowags will be sent down...


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                          If we are called to go to SNN. Im going to volunteer for the FSG. The GPMG will never do so much good work in such a short space of time. Im so pissed of as those bastards sent a virus to my email and if it was for a new anti-virus I would`nt be online now. ALL TREE HUGGERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
                          Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

                          "Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory" Proverbs 11-14


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                            First rule of warfare " know Thine Enemy"

                            As for the re make of the "charge of the 600" ..... pure class:D :-patriot:
                            Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...



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                              Personally I believe that a battalion of RDF soldiers should be sent down issued with batons and some heavy machinery to wipe that 'peace camp' off the face of this earth, restore law and order to these unlawful and confused trouble makers.

                              The camp is nothing short of a health and safety risk. Only the deprived and the peripheral at our society would stomach such filthy conditions.

                              It has been shown time and again that these hooligans have nothing but contempt for the local people trying to make a honest living through Shannon airport.