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    I'm thinking of applying to the Cadets this week, and as I'm a rather unusual candidate, have a few queries that people more qualified than I am may be able to help me with.

    First of all, I was in college last year (UCG) doing first year of an arts degree in legal science. [This is after attending a rather "wild" secondary school, arsing my way through 6th year without working a tap. By some small miracle I got 450 points!].

    Thought I wanted to go into law, worked in a solicitors office for the summer, hated it (desk job-eesh!) and took a year out of college to re-sit the Leaving. Which is where I'm at now. To be honest, my first career choice is medicine, and I'm on track to at least have a good chance of getting the points, but the other day someone asked me what my backup plan is. Which brings me here, to a career I've always thought about but never really seriously considered until now. (I have the form here beside me!)

    My questions include:
    >> Would I have a hope in hell of passing an interview, or would the whole "didn't stick college" thing work against me? I actually have excellent academic qualifications, and am well able to hold my own in an interview. Other concerns along this line include the fact that I've never been in the FCA - the part time job I had for 5years put an end to that!

    >>Just how strict is the medical? After having pretty bad asthma in my younger years, I never played on any school teams etc. Last year, however, I took the opportunity to join a gym and get pretty fit. While I haven't been in over 6months, what with school and everything, I'd feel confident about being able to pass the stated requirements. My major concern would obviously be that my asthma would be held against me. While it's perfectly under control now, (and I did a 3-mile jog last night without collapsing just to prove this), I have seen my hospital medical records and they're as thick as my arm. What do you people think?

    >>I have a few friends from college in the cadets, sound lads, and someone recommended that I get them to give me a mock interview. I presume this would be a good idea?
    Thanks very much, anyway,

    Any help appreciated!


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    Give it a go and sure if you have no joy this year and are not over the age limit next year apply again. Definitely go for a mock interview, helped me when i went for it in 97 didnt get in but am going for it again next year, older wiser etc.
    As for the medical i was chatting to an officer who weas in our college last week and she said as long as you have no ailment that affects you on your day to day life you should be grand. It is pretty tough though 2000 or so applicants for about 50 places!
    As for the college i wouldnt know just say it was to expensive to live in galway or something unless your from galway that is!


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      The main thing going against you as far as I can see is that you've never been on any sports teams.The officers doing the interview are looking for people who are big team players and have played and been successful at a number of team sports.I know of people who didn't have a clue about the army but got offered cadetships just because they were county footballers.Not everybody who gets a cadetships is big into sports but in my experience,having tried and failed to get a cadetship twice,not being big into team sports is a major setback.


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        You should go out and join the FCA asap ... might not help this year but if you try again next year it should.