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Skill-At-Arms Courses 2004

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  • Skill-At-Arms Courses 2004

    I'm looking for information on SAA courses for 2004. Are these run at brigade level or at DFTC? What is the duration? What are the criteria for students?If this info is deemed sensitive please PM me.

    Comments on course content and effectiveness would be apreciated from members who have completed the course in the past. No hearsay please.


    MOD: These questions should be directed toward your cadre staff. This information should not be pmd, communicated, unless you know the poster personally

    If replying do not include dates timings locations etc

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    I`m glad the mod reopened this. Whats a skill at arms course?
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      ya actually i dont have a clue either??


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        Usually involves being trained up and firing the rifle, pistol, and support wpns
        (GPMG, 84mm A/Tk, etc.). Obviously, this is tailored to suit the Reserve...
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          Do all ranks fire all the weapons or is the BAP left to Snr. NCO's and Officers??


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            Technically all ranks can fire that weapon. Traditionally in infantry units it is left to Sgts and upwards. But once you are TOET'd on the weapon there is no reason why you should not fire.


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              Sorry to pull this back on topic but is there anyone on the board who has completed a skill-at-arms course?


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                Yes Sluggie - how soon do you need to know? Fancy a pint on Wednesday???
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                  I done a few. A week of brushing up on your marksmanship skills in a particular weapon.. Can I join you for that pint??? or is it a "private party"

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                    Originally posted by kermit
                    Covert Operations

                    I haven't seen a Skill at Arms course on the Training Program this year....
                    It is there. Look harder.


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                      It must have been fierce covert ops we were planning - since my last post was deleted.... But Goldie can come too..

                      There's no point in me repeating my original comments about it happening since Docman has clarified that.

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