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  • Join this RDF unit.

    Not sure if this subject has come up before so Joshua can moderate if necessary.

    Thought this could be an opportunity for people to promote various Reserve Defence Forces units. I'll start the ball rolling.

    If you're from Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown / South County Dublin / Wicklow you may be interested in this website:
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    Everyone knows the 7th Battallion B Company is the best unit in North County Dublin!!

    Were based in the slua hall in swords, its alongside the grounds of the GAA Club, just off the Dual Carriage way, at the most northern roundabout (before the M1 motorway flyover roundabout).

    Meet just before 8pm on thursdays, ask to see the Company Clerk, Our website isnt ready yet (bailer is working on it i think!?).

    PM or EMAIL me and find out more, Ive only joined the last two months, and find it very very organised and professional.

    If your serious about the army, this is the unit to go to
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      Hmm, contact addresses and phone numbers for RDF units are available HERE.

      This thread will be allowed to run providing that you promote your own unit and do not engage in inter unit slagging,( excluding pa`s that is.)

      Regards etc
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        B-COY 7BN

        Eh Morph??

        B-Coy is THE ONLY unit in north Co. Dublin!!

        But if you live anywhere between Gormanston and Drumcondra, in Fingal. Contact us on Thurs Between 2000 and 2200. Fingal has the Largest Population of people between the age of 17 and 34 in the country. Our recruitment is aiming to reflect this.

        The website is long finshed I'm just waiting for Clearence from the relevant authorities, unlike some people.!!

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          Hmmmm: that photo is copyrighted to someone else... thinks aloud. Be careful about that kind of thing.
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            Join the 11th Crossed Wires, for brief glimpses of the computer room and tales of the mytical SINCGARS gismo
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              Big Al

              If anyone wants a training programme for their PC for the SINCGARS I have one that I got off a US National Guardsman's website. Google it and you will be rewarded (eventually)
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                One member from each unit can make one post on this thread to include your unit name, brief description, unit location & times of parades. Once every unit has posted the thread will be locked off & set as a sticky.

                That way, prospective recruits in your area, get the relevent basic information and if they're anyway interested they can go down & find out themselves.

                All other posts will be "moderated".

                Regards etc
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                  If your bus stops at Heuston Station why not (dont answer that question!!!) joint the 2nd Field Medical Company. Its situated in St Bricins Hospital, beside Arbour Hill Prision.You get good qualifications, meet new friends, impress the women:p . You are guranteed 1 weekend away each and every month. PM me or email for more info. The other only north side unit:D

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                    Shouldn't it be every sub-unit ?

                    Given that for some units (eg the West Cork Biys of the 11th Bn or the 15 Bn Kerrymen ) there's a large geographical spread and so one may be more attractive than the other.

                    On PS there's always the website index of all the units if you want to find your local one.
                    "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                    "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                      If you live anywhere in Dublin ... join the 7th Field Artillery Regiment.

                      The 7th Regiment is as professional a unit as you get in the FCA. If you join us, you will be trained to be as good a Gunner as our PDF counterparts. You will get hands-on with our heavy artillery guns as well as all the standard soldier & infantry skills such as drill, tactics and weapons. You can expect regular weekends and field days along with the formal weekly training programme.

                      If you are interested, come along any Tuesday night to McKee Barracks at 19:45. Ask for the 14th Battery of the 7th REGIMENT (not Battalion!) at the gate. Alternatively, PM me and I will meet you. We are recruiting just now.

                      What's more if you shape up - you will earn the rank of "Gunner XXX" which is far better than being called "Private XXX". And you get to wear this unit flash on your No1s ...


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                        IF you Live in Limerick or go to College in Limerick

                        B COY 14 INFANTRY BATTALION
                        WANTS YOU!!!

                        If you are already in a Reserve unit (from outside Limerick) and Working or Studying in Limerick, come on attachment to us.

                        We will train you in:

                        Rifle Marksmanship with the Steyr 5.56mm Rifle
                        Foot Drill
                        Arms Drill
                        Tactics and Fieldcraft
                        Combat First Aid

                        And that is only in your First Year!!!

                        After your First year you will receive training in:

                        81mm Long Barrel Mortar
                        84mm Anti-tank Rifle
                        General Purpose Machine Gun and Bren LMG
                        Navigation Skills and Map Reading
                        Radio Communications
                        Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare Training
                        Advanced Tactics

                        As you can see, the Training is Extensive and Rewarding, the NCO's are Dedicated and Professional, and the People are Motivated and Proficient.

                        Come to Sarsfield Barracks, Limerick ANY Wednesday night at 1945hrs (7.45pm) and take a look, or Ring 061-314233, Extn 4338.

                        PM me for more Info.

                        Your adventure is just beginning.
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                          14 Infantry Battalion
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                            McKee also has 7th Battalion cCoy and aCoy(im in cCoy).
                            I enjoy it. good set of lads.

                            We too are recruiting for another platoon. Contact numbers on the site as posted above. or just come down on wednesday night and talk to a sargent or a corporal, they will put you in the right direction.

                            cCoy trains on wednesday night from half seven til about ten.
                            I dont know about aCoy.
                            mckee Engineering corpe trains on thursday too.
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                              join the 11th field Engineers we train on thursday nights in McKee barracks from 20:00 to 22:00
                              we have members from all over dublin and south meath
                              traing includes all basic infantry and support engineering including explosives