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  • Organisation of Training

    My unit is spread over a fairly large geographical area but none of our sub-units are based in occupied barracks, therefore to conduct weapons training we have to travel in some cases up to 2 hours to conduct weapons training

    In a perfect world, we would still be able to bring weapons home or at least have them under lock & key in each Coy HQ.

    Interested to hear what everyones experiences is with how weapons training is organised, especially in rural areas, & how to solve this problem?

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    At the moment we go into barracks every second week, the general programme works something like this:

    1800-1930 Depart Coy HQs
    2000 Arrive & Draw Stores
    2030 Lessons
    2145 Return Stores
    2200 Dismissal
    2230-2259 Arrive Coy HQs

    Result is 1.25 hours of weapons training every second week, leading to a total of 2.5 hours per month. This means a low level of training (standard & content), low attendance (about 40 on a good night + about 10 in Coy HQs = 50 all ranks), long length of time from 1st lesson to TOET standard, poor unit communication, poor morale

    However, we up untill about 5 years ago, we paraded in our Coy HQs every week, 2000-2200, and had a field day of weapons training in the barracks once a month, programme sonething like this

    0800-1930 Depart Coy HQs
    1000 Arrive & Draw Stores
    1030 Lessons
    1230 Lunch
    1330 Lessons
    1630 Return Stores
    1700 Dismissal
    1730-1900 Arrive Coy HQs

    Result was 5 hours of weapons training per month (twice the length of the current situation), very high standard of training (award winning), very good attendance (about 80 all ranks), troops could conduct all rifle training in around 3/4 months, very good morale


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      The old option seems like the better one to me.


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        I have noticed that units seem to be moving away from "Field days" for weapon training lately,and it is reflected in the standard of weapon handling,which has become frighteningly poor. Some things should not be rushed...

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          What are other units, outside occupied barracks, doing?


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            This February i did my toets on the steyr(thank god I was well able for them I love the weapon and its easy) and the last time I saw the steyr ie. weapons training such as stripping and assembling was the PREVIOUS February when I did my last toets!! well of course after we fired blanks at annual camp for tatics we had to clean them but it was a case of "off ye go yer trained personel"

            And of course I see the weapon when im on duties but again its not training! Our weekly Parades consist of Foot Drill, Tactic talks map skills etc. and using DIAGRAMS of the Weapons to TRY and keep it fresh in our mind!! There was talk of going upto the barracks were our weapons are stored once a month but that seems to have fallen by the way side, problems getting lecture rooms. The barracks is only 45minutes drive away and the roads are very good!!
            Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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              Have heard "timber tactics" is fairly common


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                You could always get the airsoft version of the steyr? and train with that, then when training is over take it home with you!!!:D
                If your not in bed by 4 o' clock it's time to go home!


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                  Sure that costs money and I dout our COY/Batt will pay and we shouldnt have to pay from our own pocket. Anyway our weapons are sitting in our weapons cage 45minutes away and our COY HQ has a mini-bus sitting idle. Plus there's no airsofts of the Bren or G.P.M.G's or the other weapons, id assume so how do we train for them.

                  what are "timber tactics" ?

                  Does anyone think the toets are getting easier and easier? in my 2 and a half years iv found they ARE!! Could this be a result of us not getting enough time weapons training I wonder
                  Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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                    we shouldnt have to pay from our own pocket
                    ...and here was me listening to "old timers" from the FCÁ complaining that now they get issued proper equipment they miss the old ad-hoc systms of buying their own kit and so on...ah well, you can't please everyone I this a problem for rural units only or are the Dub based units as bad? Of course I suppose in McKee unless you wanna get some equitation boy really ticked off you can't really go on a live firing spree...

                    'course this brings me back to pub stories of the ranger meeting the reservists wanting to show off their parade skill with brooms....


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                      The answer is to use DP (Drill Purpose) weapons. These are older weapons that have been de-activated, but can be used for all training short of firing. Many rural coy locs have strongrooms. 20 DP Steyrs, 5 Brens etc. held in these would allow for some useful weapon training
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                        My COY HQ has a strong room but I cant see us getting them, our NCO's have brought up the issue of weapons training, to no avail!

                        Ills say it to them though about getting decommised weapons.
                        Even one steyr and one bren would be a god send!!
                        Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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                          well I suppose you could use the time to work on more practical skills-first aid, flood control etc etc


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                            We're infantry so we'v no one qualified to give first aid training, even though our centre leader is our COY First Aider and we'v no use for flood control training(the river in our town is ony a few centimetres deep so no fear of floods). Plus as Infantry, Weapons handling is our Prime Role and as a result the most practical thing we can do with our time!!
                            Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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                              "timber tactics" was related to me by someone on the pot offrs cse from the East

                              to the best of my knowledge it hasn't been done in the east to anyone

                              because rural units (mainly in west & south) don't get there hands on weapons much they have "timber weapons"

                              ie sticks from trees (some of the more "professional" units have actually painted there sticks to look more like rifles)