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EOD: Defence Forces Podcast.

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  • EOD: Defence Forces Podcast.

    Very interesting podcast about the development of the new EOD robot, REAMDA "Reacher" which replaced the Kentree Hobo last year in service.

    No prizes whatsoever for those who can identify the location in the video. (It's mentioned in the podcast).

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    That company guy shouldn't be allowed near a microphone


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      I know. Shocking. Might be a Kerry thing.
      More or less dismissed how useful HOBO (and IMP to a lesser extent) was over the 4 decades it was in use, in spite of the fact that without HOBO, their company would be working off a blank sheet.
      Seems to forget also that the reason HOBO operated with remote control, tethered, was due to the sensitivity of early IEDs to any nearby radio frequency, and the clunky nature of early radio controls. If you lost radio comms with HOBO, you were back to the long walk in a big suit.


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        I think it is good to see some local produce kit, come come in handy for the auld fella for getting the messages out of the car, would a great help lifting the Calor bottle or the bale of brickets now that he's not so young anymore.

        Nice bit of kit


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          If I had that I wouldn't have popped my shoulder trying to reach a laptop case deep in the bowels of a I40 boot.