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Reserve Special Operations (Waltering Allowed)

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    As had been said earlier, we're not talking about a reserve ARW doing HALO jumps & crashing through embassy windows, we're talking about the likes of long range recce & the like. I doesn't require huge amounts of money, all it really takes is time & the willingness to train.

    No one's suggested it could happen tomorrow, but it is possible in the long run. As others have said, if it can be done by other armies it can be done here.
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      What really makes this site look bad is long winded emptyheaded posting, usually acting outraged about something and frequently involving calling someone a Walter or giving inexperienced civilians or recruits or idiots uncalled for levels of abuse.

      I liked it that this thread died, and Im sorry to see it back with more of the same.

      Given the level of knowledge I know have I dont believe theres much opportunity for a seperate reserve Special operations unit and many "special" tasks like dog handling that would feature in other armies don't really exist in the DF.

      Thats not to shoot down any possibility of reserve involvement in an elite unit, my increasing belief is that to stay relevant the Army needs to either convert one of the existing 9 PDF battalions or come up with the resources for a 10th to operate as a Commando type unit along the lines of a US Ranger battalion or more pertinitely 4 Royal Australian Regiment (The UK plans to convert one of its Para battalions to a similar role).
      A unit like this provides three increasingly important things, the ability to get a company or battalion sized force beyond the FEBA to offset enemy numerical or technical/logistic advantages, a high readiness high tempo force that provides a genuine rapid reaction capability as well as increasing standards of training in the DF on a larger scale than the ARW can and finally such a force would greatly increase the effectiveness of the ARW in the green role by giving operational support to ARW Assault Platoons.

      Now to bring it back on topic, I believe a reserve element of such a commando battalion would be essential because of the high turnover/attrition/excused rates associated with high tempo forces would mean that an extra company would be vital to keep up operational strength for this lone battalion in the face of members being constantly deployed or in strenuous training.

      *Commado type operations are usually just infantry operations done faster and in a more awkward place.
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        Jesus....jpb...look what you've started.....every walters dream

        Now where did I leave my beige beret?
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          CQ - the problem with your suggestion is that for a unit to be proficient in Commando type operations their training and tempo of said training would certainly need to be a lot more than current reserve training. It would make more sense if time was spent working on required Combat skills and allowing reserves to go on Specialist courses that would enhance their units abilities (like over here I could go to Ranger school - however before I go there is a 3 week pre course I must pass to make sure I am fit enough to go.). Upon completion of that course I bring that knowledge back to my unit etc.
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            Theres the two pace stad and the three pace stad and theres the thread stad.
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