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  • Training at the Weekend ?

    Between 17 January and 30 April 2004, there are 15 weekends in total, therefore 30 days available for weekend training.

    My unit is using 19 of these days (63%), off these total of 15 weekends available, we have only 3 of full rest & relaxation (in my case work).

    The Activities for these Weekends include:
    Christmas Competions
    Field Days in Barracks
    Orienteering Competitions (Bde & All Army)
    Range Practices
    Shooting Team Practices
    Shooting Competitions (Bde & All Army)
    Weapons Displays
    Fun Run
    Tactical Exercises
    RDFRA Meetings

    My unit has relativeley small numbers and yet with this pressure on ptes and ncos (the people who do all the foot work!), as well as work, family and some kind of social life, they are wondering why attendance is poor, at one field day we were to fire the Bren ARPs with only 1 person qualified to fire, untill another 2 "became" qualified, along with a total of 3 who were firing the intro shoot.

    Anyone else finding this
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    2 - 4 Weekends
    4 - 6 Weekends
    6 - 8 Weekends
    9 - 10 Weekends
    10 - 12 Weekends
    12 - 15 Weekends

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    Because of my job, although I would very much like of attend all I can only go to about 6 of these 19 days allocated to training


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      Tis an interesting question and one we're finding lots of problems with getting people to turn up and do things. Looking at the wall planners - there's NO free time. is that the kind of commitment you lot want ? or just when YOU like.

      Do you plan the FCA round your life or the other way round. Do people actually give a shit ?
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        What about all the months after camp? It greatly annoys me that there is no training for up to 3 months(depending on date of camp) when no training takes place,and the fact that these months usually have the weather most suited to all forms of military training,most of the members of the units are on holidays from school/college and would be delighted to have something to do.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          When I was a recruit we did about 2 weeks a month & the training was better organised, better prepared & attendance was better


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            Attendances would be much much better if we were paid. I think in this day and age that's the only way we can have an effective reserve. Most students have to work at weekends and I'm sure if it was a choixe of working in Tesco or doing this they would do this. Wake up Government!!!

            It could be a waste of money if we go on not paying people to attend cos people just arent up to a reasonable standard because they cant or havent the motivation to attend.


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              Brian, your planner certainly appears to be quite full. I would contest however that the following are extra extra curricular.

              Orienteering Competitions (Bde & All Army)
              Weapons Displays
              Fun Run
              RDFRA Meetings

              I also think that christmas competitions should be run for christmas.


              It is admirable for people to attend every event but your attendance is not always necessary nor warrented (dependant on rank).

              I personally ensure that if I go on a field day I have an actual job/task.

              I have discovered that on field days which I have taken no part in, the wheels on the bus keep going round and round, and by organising tasks on a rota basis, my not being there has not impacted at all.

              I have also eventually learnt to put my personal life over my role in the rdf.
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              Regards etc


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                How many training days are you actually allowed to do in a year.


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                  What about the pots course?
                  If your not in bed by 4 o' clock it's time to go home!


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                    I would just like to comment on Goldie Fish's point, my Bn has its annual camp in July, usually the first two weeks and after our week or two weeks training(if your lucky enough to get a second week) we are given a HOLIDAY till the END of September when our weekly meetings start back - yet we do no field days till around February. They wait till the winter months to take us on the range!!

                    Bulldemboots would paying us to turn out on field days not reinforce the view by alot of people that we are only in it for the money? Anyway isnt that what Grat Duty is for? Maybe if it was restructured to state you have to do a certain number of field days rather than having to attend a training period of 24hours.

                    My COY has done 5 Field days (one Sunday after another) and there's no talk of anymore, for now anyway
                    Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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                      The issue with money and attendance i think could easilly resolved if each member of the RDF had to meet certain standards weapons, tactics, fitness and if they dont turf them out. This will result in less members in the RDF but also higher standard of soldiers. When that happens then we should ask to be paid for field nights because each person would definately deserve it.


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                        Brigade courses would not feature in the training schedule of a sub-unit.

                        Brian, are all your personnel required for shooting team practices & competions?
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                          This is a growing issue, with increased training and demand on times , people are finding it hard to fit things in.
                          I was talking to a friend who was of the same opinion as me that there is no concept in RDF military planning that RDF personell could actually have other commitments during the weekends.
                          I recently got in hassle because I did not turn up to a shoot , despite letting it be know that I had work commitments.
                          I think a bit of cop on is whats needed, we all want to be more effective but at what cost........your 9 to 5 job??? you family???

                          Could this be a form of constructive dismissial?? A way to get rid of numbers as part of the re-org??
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                            I totally agree with you, last summer a weekend camp (friday - sunday) was held for "fighting in built up areas" mainly for the 2* and 3* but what did they do only have it a weekend that was right in the middle of the Leaving Cert it was on the first weekend after the exams starting! There was a number of complaint and people pulling out when they realised the dates yet the weekend went ahead. When the dates came out months in advance we told them but it made no difference! Yes they want committement but its not realistic to expect us to go on a tactics weekend in the middle of our Leaving Cert! No one from my centre could go as they had there leaving cert.

                            There should in my opinion be more co-operation with memnbers when drawing up training schedules.
                            Assurance is credable and to be credable you'v got to show you can do it!!


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                              the government shouldn't have to pay you more to get you to go-the FCÁ may be the reserve army but its still a part of the army-its a national duty not a substitute for a weekend shift in tesco's and whats more you're getting a lot more out of it than just learning to stack boxes. If you don't like it don't join-I know a few people in the FCÁ who are there for the pay and the "outdoors life" but only go when it suites them-I know guys who skip meetings, training weekends etc because they have part time jobs offering them a short fix of money and so they are more a hinderence to the army than a valuable contribution.