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Enlisted to Officer Rank.

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  • Enlisted to Officer Rank.

    Thanks to the advice of others I managed to pass the physical for the cadets.

    If I don't make it beyond the interview/testing phase though I've always had in mind to join the PDF and use the experience of standard military life to increase my chances of gaining that cadetship on a later date.

    The application form asks if you're currently a serving member of the defence forces; does this mean that a two star private after one year's service can apply for a cadetship without having to fulfill their original pdf contract?
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    minimum rank would be pte for cadetship as the process will not take as long in the pdf as in the rdf from recruit to 3* pte, though it has been known for a pdf recruit to have an interview with the cadet board.

    minimum for pot officer's course is nco..cpl and above,

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