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    Hi Comrades,has anyone any photos of New Bands uniforms and the new ranks markins on their uniforms??

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    Yes, there is a photo of Bandsmen in the Connect for either Feb or March, can't
    remember which. It's a black or navy blue uniform, haven't seen it in the flesh
    as yet, so can't make out the exact colour from the photo.

    And I can't quite make out where the rank markings are, unless they've
    gone to metallic rank markings on the epaulettes, but can't see this happening,
    as this uniform would be the only Other Ranks uniform to have this type of
    rank marking, aside from the new BSM/BQMS markings for SD No.1. I quite like
    it, actually, it's a lot more stylish than the old bottle green version...
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      The new band uniforms are modelled on the old PDF SD No1 uniform of the 1920s/30s.