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    What is the DFR situation with promotion from RDF Corporal to RDF Sergeant, do you have to have passed the Standard NCOs Course?

    To the best of my knowledge, you only HAVE TO DO 2 courses to get from Recruit to Commandant in the RDF, the Pot NCOs Course & the Pot Offrs Course.

    I've been told that this has changed, can ANYONE please comment!

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      Standard course is the promotional course but I don't think it is introduced to FCA yet?:confused:


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        When did you do that course kermit?
        I know of 2 people who are being promoted this year without doing the course,however I believe that you are expected to go on the Next available course,whenever that is. Failure to do so may affect your seniority for further promotion

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Hi, at present I'm sure the situation is that you don't have to have a std course done to be promoted sgt, or a sen crse to be promoted c/s. I think you can even become a Q without the course!

          It's all up to the selecting officers as to who is the best candidate.

          The 'orientation' courses and career courses will change all that soon - you will need the relevant course for promotion, and people with these weapons and admin courses will/should be selected above others.

          Some of the finest guys have been promoted without courses and can run courses far better than others, notably those that did crappy courses and still haven't a clue.

          For officers, the Jun Offr/Coy comdr & senior offr courses are a godsend - it will mark out the bright sparks from the duds - it is already. My guess is the weeding is already being done, sometimes at the expense of the sacred god of seniority.

          rant over.

          We can at least look forward to better trained all ranks in the near future.


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            Spiderman you are talking as if those courses actually exist rather than someones aspiration which is what they are now.


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              Originally posted by Bravo20
              Spiderman you are talking as if those courses actually exist rather than someones aspiration which is what they are now.
              These courses are on this year in S Bde. Prelim w/ends are coming up soon.

              I assumed they were on across the country.


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                tx doc, they do indeed exist, and more than 1 Comdt has been shocked with actually having to do a project/mini-thesis as well as facing a LOT of admin, office & in the field. 'a real course? surely you don't mean we have to actually learn at this hour of our age!'


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                  no there isn't, but they need something to point at when the new vacancies come up, to get over the seniority thing. natural wasteage wil take care of the rest. look at the 14BN, comdt age profile is set to drop 15 yrs in the next 2


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                    B20 - They do exist, 4 new syllabii have been issued by D Trg, from Sen NCO right up to Sen Offr, and involves some real heavy stuff.


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                      The lads are correct B20. If you need info see me in Bn tonight.

                      Also, there is no mandatory course requirement for promotion.

                      The relevant A and R manuals govern this. The only one open on the web is R5


                      see section 21. No courses are necessary from the regs but whatever the BDE OC determines
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                        A few years ago RDFRA were asking for examples of vacancies not being filled, was this just to highlight a problem or is there actually something RDFRA can do about it?


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                          one thing I've noticed in the last few years is the Age Profile is coming down a lot. Recently in our Bn 2 Cpl's (aged between 21 and 23 ) have been appointed for the PO's course, merely on ability and potential not because of Seniority or Courses done.

                          The Seniority issue is still around where "Senior" people are being given courses over junior more capable soldiers. The Seniority God is slowly being removed but it still happens.

                          Also there's still a problem where females are being selected for courses over male counterparts in the Interest of "Equality" Fair enough, the reserve needs more senior Female troops I recently did a recruit camp with no Female NCO;s or officers and it was a problem. But there's no need to pormote them just to have a quota of Senior Female ranks.

                          And I'm not tarring everyone with the same brush! a lot of people are promoted on ability, but The lenth of Service and Sex of the Applicant shouldn't be taken into account over Ability and Commitment.

                          We've yet to have a female Capt. as far as I Know. There is a Female C/S in the 11bn though as Far as I know.

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                            So far the highest rank a female member of RDF has achieved is LT. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the first female officer was commissioned in 1996, therefore she will hit Captain in 2010 (unless of course a vacancy arises earlier). Good to hear that there is a female C/S.

                            There seems to be an automatic assumption out there that if a female is promoted who is junior (either in age or service) that she is only promoted because she is female, nobody ever suspects that ability might have something to do with it.


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                              The “equality” issue annoys a lot of people but what gets to me far more is nepotism. Promoting the sons and daughters of NCOs, Officers and Cadre is widespread. When this sort of thing stops happening people might start taking the RDF seriously. Meritocracy my b****x.

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