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  • Tips on Liberia

    any one got any good ideas on kit for liberia,and tips or anything esp if any one is just back from it please e-mail.
    larium is a fun pill

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    I'll give you a good tip for going overseas buy as many second hand books as possible and get as many addresses from as many people, especially girls as possible. Thats my tip of the day, don't know enough about Liberia to tell you stuff to bring. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!


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      Keep John Thomas zipped up!
      Live long and prosper!


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        I think they'll be CTB for the duration so that shouldnt be too big a concern.
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          Yeah right,you keep telling yourself that,a strict no walking out policy doesn't mean a sausage!
          Live long and prosper!


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            Originally posted by Erwin
            Yeah right,you keep telling yourself that,a strict no walking out policy doesn't mean a sausage!
            Are you saying that even though people are ctb they disobey and vacate the premises? I am shocked.

            Regards etc


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              The Thing - you're comments please me... I'm glad to think that my letters are making someone happy.!!!
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                I was on a press trip there in December.

                The biggest problem for the lads, and me, was water. You had to constantly keep drinking the stuff.

                I, and all the other stupid reporters there, did not go prepared and we had to carry big bottles of water with us - but then again so did most of the batallion.

                I would suggest getting a platipus, if that's how you spell it, which you can carry on your back, like a rucksack. Many of the lads had them there and they worked a treat.

                they held a great deal of water and I think there is an in built pipe/straw that you can use without taking the platipus off your back.

                Apparently, you can get them in most camping shops. I hope to be going back to Camp Clara at the end of May for a week, and I'll definitely be bringing a platipus with me.

                Also, bring a few bottles of MiWadi!


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                  check out camelback:

                  CamelBak manufactures hydration packs, water bottles, reservoirs, & more fit for any adventure. All with our Got Your Bak Warranty. Shop now.

                  or hydrastorm, made or distributed by blackhawk

                  and tactical tailor has their own hydration section as well

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                    Maybe it's just me but are Irish troops abroad expected to be the only troops who keep John Thomas locked up when over sea's