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Preparation for Physical Fitness Test

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  • Preparation for Physical Fitness Test

    . . . . At last the physical fitness test is becoming pre-requisite for some RDF courses

    It has now given some of us the motivation to get fit enough to pass.

    [Extract below is for the General Service Recruitment - Physical Fitness Test, given on, I know there can be variations depending on age etc, but it gives an idea]

    1. Physical fitness TEST

    The physical fitness test is designed to test the candidates current level of physical fitness and his/her capacity to undergo the rigours of military training. It is composed of two aspects:

    a. (i) Local Muscular Endurance
    (ii) Aerobic Endurance
    b. Components of Physical Fitness consisting of Body Fat Assessment, Hand Grip Strength and Flexibility.

    2. Format of test

    a. (i) Aerobic Capacity Candidates will be required to run one and a half (1 1/2 ) miles within the time limit below. This is a Pass or Fail test.
    Maximum time allowed:
    Males Females
    11 mins 30 secs 13 mins

    (ii) Local Muscular Endurance This will be assessed using push-ups and sit-ups. Candidates are required to complete as many repetitions as possible within the time limit of one minute. This is a Pass or Fail test.
    Males Push-ups: minimum 20 Sit-ups: minimum 20
    Females Push-ups: 20 minimum (Modified)
    Sit-ups: 20
    b. Candidates will be required to attempt an assessment which includes three components of physical fitness. They are as follows:

    (i) Body Composition Assessment This assesses the candidates % of body fat. The candidate will be subjected to a Body/Mass Index Test.

    (ii) Strength Assessed using Hang Grip Strength Dynamometer which gives an indication of overall muscular strength.

    (iii) Flexibility Assessed using various flexibility aids (hamstring and lower back flexibility).

    3. All tests are conducted in sports gear.

    Candidates are advised to bring the following should they be requested to attend. A Tracksuit, Shorts and Singlet/T-Shirt, Training Shoes, Towel, Wash Gear, etc. Candidates who wish to prepare for the above tests should do so under the guidance of an experienced or qualified person.

    *Are there any "experienced or qualified" persons out there willing to give us a few tips, or recommend a basic training programme ? (I know its really hard to generalise, but say something suitable for average civvies who are at least medically fit to start training for the test)

    *Have any of the rest of you out there got any personal tips / experiences / stories of the physical fitness test ?

    *Or anyone know of any good websites to help with preparation ?

    Many thanks
    "In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it." Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel

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    The EBDE stds and Pots NCO courses used the entry standard this year.
    "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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      This was exactly the same fitness test as I took for the cadetship competition for the past two years. The best thing is to practice the run every night. Its not as bad as it seems. Our test was run in NUIG sports grounds so I practiced there with a friend every night for three weeks. 1.5 miles is 6 laps of a 400m track so if u do a nice steady 1min 40 sec lap your home in 10 mins!
      Therefore my advice is
      1 to keep your laps steady (time yourself).
      2 run with someone fitter than you (motivation)
      3 do your training at night or twlight ( much cooler and people wont see you!)
      4 eat sensibly before you run. Wheatabix, banana, water. ( NO LUCOZADE)


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        Originally posted by gaillimh85
        This was exactly the same fitness test as I took for the cadetship competition for the past two years. The best thing is to practice the run every night. Its not as bad as it seems.
        It doesn't seem bad in the first place, I've seen people who look like'd they should have died walking up the stairs pass this test.
        For the reserves you should be aiming at the relevant IT standard, and if you plan on going to the military college it would make your life a lot more bearable if you far exceed them.
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          Banana's are abad idea, as are the cereals (assuming you eat them with milk)
          This is because they produce more muscus in the nose and mouth, so your nose will run, and your breathing will be affected...
          Hence your times and score.

          Can't remember the exact name for that food type that does that offhand


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            what is IT/2002 mean?
            mentioned above?


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              It's the annual physical test for the DF (As far as I know it has 4 parts):

              Push-ups (min amount depend on age)
              Sit-ups (min amount depend on age)
              2 mile run (pass time depends on age)
              terrain walk (don't know the details)


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                the best thing to do before you do a run like that is to make sure that you are fit enough to do a run which is longer and make sure that you are at the same speed, i.e, if it takes 11min to do a mile and a half, make sure you can do a three mile run in under 20 odd minutes, that way you will be able to do the run in a much quicker time, and be well able to push yourself for the shorter period of time. You will need to give your self a minimum of fortnight/ fort and half to really start bringing your times down- with three runs a week. first few will be sore if you arent used to it, but it will come. Train on grass, your calf muscles will thank you the next morning.


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                  Does anyone know the details of the terrain walk, out of interest?

                  Distance / Time / Weight Carried


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                    Any specific weight in the CEMO?


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                      Originally posted by Brian
                      Any specific weight in the CEMO?
                      Certain items are listed as having to be carried.... helmet, respirator etc. but not a specific weight.


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                        Time limits for the Loaded march fall into age categories.Cemo & water have to be carried.Details of the DF fitness tests were posted by me here some months back in all their glory,just do a search cos i ain't gonna do it again!
                        Live long and prosper!


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                          Thank you Erwin.

                          Regards etc


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                            If you're looking to practice with CEMO, webbing should be around 21lbs and bergen 44lbs which is 65 lbs in total, not counting rifle weight. They were the figure we used to use when I was training with RM, although bergen would end up being alot heavier most of the time with ammunition, law etc, 44 lbs is basic equip you absolutely need.


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                              Yes but what the hell does that mean?

                              Ye Gods! Hath the metric revolution not yet cometh to your door man?


                              The young hath no use for fossil measurements!