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RA get new sights for the 105

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  • RA get new sights for the 105

    I just thought that the gunners might like to hear about this.

    Marconi delivers LINAPS artillery pointing system to British Army

    Marconi Avionics Group has delivered first production examples of the Laser INertial Automatic Pointing System (LINAPS) for installation on British Army L118 105mm Light Guns. The LINAPS contract was awarded to Marconi Avionics, Radar and Countermeasure System Division, by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) in January and is valued at more than £10 million.

    LINAPS can be seen fitted to a Marconi Ultra Lightweight Field Howitzer (UFH) on the Marconi outside stand and on a British Army L118 105mm Light Gun sited in the Royal Ordnance outside display at DSEi Chertsey.

    The award of the LINAPS contract followed a competition that included extensive trials at the Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill, throughout 1998. The trials were conducted by the Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) on behalf of the MoD (PE).

    The system is the world's first electronic pointing system for towed guns and will replace traditional 'glass and iron' optical sights which remain largely unchanged since World War 2. LINAPS is easily fitted as an upgrade to towed guns and howitzers, providing a significant and very cost effective increase in performance. LINAPS is an autonomous gun-mounted system which comprises the FIN3110L Integrated Inertial/GPS Navigation System, a large screen Layers Display and Control Unit, a wheel hub mounted odometer, and a Power Management System. There is also a Navigation Display Unit for use in the cab of the gun-towing vehicle.

    LINAPS provides the British Army with a high-accuracy, quick response, all weather, day or night capability for the operational deployment of the Light Gun. The mounting of the INS/GPS directly above the gun barrel permits the direct measurement of elevation and azimuth that will allow quick and accurate artillery pointing. In addition, LINAPS provides precise location of the gun platform together with a route navigation capability.

    The introduction of LINAPS provides significant improvements over traditional sighting systems with, for example, a reduction in the need for battlefield survey and much reduced training costs. It also allows the autonomous deployment of individual guns and is essential for the precision delivery of munitions.

    LINAPS has evolved from the close collaboration between Marconi and Kentron of South Africa in the Denel 155mm G-6 Mobile Howitzer. This partnership has already resulted in significant sales in the Middle East where Marconi have provided the FIN 3110 RLG INS and the Kentron Display and Fire Control Computer from which the LINAPS Layers Display and Control Unit is derived.
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    Looks like a nice piece of equipment, and it would probably pay for itself quick quickly. Lets see how the BA get on with theirs. How much per unit are you talking about.


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      I'm not sure how much per unit but I hope not too much, a big screen like that dosent look very soldier proof