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    MOD: Split from Helicoper Tender thread in the AC section.

    From the official tender

    4 Utility Military Helicopters (with an option for
    two (2) additional Utility Military Helicopters) mainly for
    interoperability training with the Army, military manoeuvres, air
    ambulance, casevac and limited air lift and troop transport for up to
    eight fully equipped troops.
    So they can carry 8 fully equipped troops?? thats the rangers 2 four man fire teams....

    But... what about the rest of the PDF infantry units in the regular army?

    Do they currently operate like this (8 man squads), or like the reserve units do they use 9 man sections?

    If the PDF dont use 8 man squads, is this a reflection of squad size changes due to take effect as part of the overall force restructure?

    Or worse.... have i got another post completely wrong again and made a fool of myself by exposing a lack of knowledge about sections and squads in the DF? :confused:
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