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    Can the army reject a person from joining the PDF who sucessfully passed Interview, Medical and PT on no grounds are do they need proof as to why they rejected him ?

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    security background check, attitude, suitablity ???????,

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      Does any employer need to give a reason why a candidate for employment was rejected at any stage?
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        yes actaually an employer does now have to provide the criteria why a candidate was not accepted for a position. This came about under the change in the freedom of information act. You may contact the potential employer and ask them for the reasons in writing.

        If you feel that the reasons are not sufficent or lets say some body provided you with a malicious reference you are entitled to appeal the descision or have it dealt with at tribunal level.

        The same happened to my wife that she was turned down in several jobs even though she was the most suitable candidate. At her wits end she finally enquired into the matter and it turned out rthat a former employer who had given her a glowing reference... when cotancted to substantiate their writings was actually defaming her. This was adressed through the legal system and she had his allegations reversed on the records of the companies who had interviewed her.

        So it is quiet acceptable to question why.
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          The interview is not a pass or fail test, its just to gauge a persons character and level of intelligence/common sense. You may have passed everything else with flying colours but you have to take into account everyone else who also passed. They're only allowed take a certain amount of recruits on each year and your name could of been out by one.

          Don't take it as a bad thing because you didn't get in,they would love to recruit as many as they can but its a numbers game. Keep putting your name in and don't lilmit yourself to any particular Bde. Anywhere you hear of recruitment coming up throw your name into the hat, it'll reflect well on you not giving up.
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            Lots of Guys from the south(and mid west) have gone to the East,or west,and are getting on fine. Its all the one army. Back in the 70s and early 80s people from cork were sent to the Border as a matter of routine. If there is no medical or security related reason you did not succeed at this stage,there is no reason for you not to apply next time out.

            On a slightly related note, I heard of a neighbour of mine who recently joined the PDF,which surprised me as to my knowledge he was never interested in the DF. He left after 4 weeks. Then you have people like the above who really want to get in but cannot.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.