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    I have been emailing Irish PDF PR for sometime, but they are useless with replying. So I hope soemone can help me out with a few questions.

    I am completing a degree in exercise science/teaching and am moving to Dublin in November this year to pursue a career with the PDF. I have been offered jobs in the Australian Defence Force in positions of electronic warfare and Intelligence further to linguistics and ASIS. So I am wondering if there are similar positions to these in the Irish PDF, and do I need to undertake a cadetship to obtain a position where I can work in Intelligence? If I were to purse a Cadetship, can I join the regular PDF whilst my cadetship application is processed over the months?

    Further to this, if I were to take a more ambitious interest in the Irish ARW, how long after initial training am I able to apply and then enter the ARW?

    I have been trying to get information such as this for a while, but due to my current location being in Australia it has been very difficult to get information. I appreciate any help given immensly, and I do intend on turning up at Defence Admin as soo as I get back in the country to sort all my questions out but it would be great to get a clearer idea of options and procedures before I arrive.


    Craig Hollis

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    Your degree would not qualify you for direct entry, so you would have to do the 21 month cadet course. After that you would be posted to a unit. With your qualification you could very well find yourself posted to the DFSPC (DF School of Physical Culture), after being in a operational unit for a time. The chances of getting into Intelligence are small, as the numbers involved are small. Anyway there are very few positions for Lt or 2/Lts in DFHQ, where Intelligence is located.


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      Thanks for the numbers

      Thanks mate, but currently I am in Australia and when I do try to call it is at very odd times, and I get moved from person to person and never get anywhere. And whilst being expensive to make all the calls, I also work three part-time jobs as well as being a full-time student. I simply do not have the time or energy.


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        Thanks DeV, I've not even heard of the DF School of Physical Culture, so I will look into that. Just as a further question, are there non-military defence organistations in Ireland? There is nothing in the Internet aside from G-2(which is defence). For example, Australia has the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Aussie Secret Intel. Org., Geospatial Intel. Network etc. Is there nothing like this in Ireland?

        I am extremely interested in the work, but I need to also be in Ireland, atleast for the next few years. Thanks though.



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          Hi Cholli04
          You should maybe do some research on the Irish Defence Forces, we are a miniscule entity when compared to the armed forces of Australia. There are probably better career oportunities and roles more related to your degree with the ADF.

          [Lads dont go slating my figures, i know theyre probably off by ten or twenty!!]

          I dont know if you realise it but the force consists of about 10,500 all ranks (not including reserves) thats ten thousand, no zeros missing, we have about 8 naval ships, 20 or 30 aircraft, around 50 APCs, 14 light recce tracked vehicles.

          The result is that the cadets number 70 - 80 a year out of i believe over a 1000 candidates, ive checked the ADF and to me it seems like a really interesting force to serve with.

          Also, I dunno if anyone told you but the Army Ranger Wing number about 100 all ranks too, selection is nigh on impossible from what ive been told.

          Im not trying to put you off, im in the reserves, im trying to be realistic and im surprised no-one else has tried to set you straight so far. I wouldnt know much about the PDF im of the impression that its a good career and you will surely enjoy it if thats what you seek, but like i said, weigh up ALL your options, dont just up and leave with the sole intention of joining the Irish Defence Forces, due to the ammounts of people trying to get in, you may find yourself disheartened if you dont get in, and worse... left out of pocket too.

          I for one would love to serve with the Australian Defence Forces and have contacted them about careers as a pilot, I phoned them and was very impressed with the reception i recieved. Infact im considering applying if i can get the cash together and also get my hands a much coveted visa.

          Im waiting to hear back on my USA green card too, but as of yet, no word :(

          If you do decide to serve in our very small force, the best of luck to you, i hope you get it!!

          PS, another small point to elaborate on my warnings and give an example of the things you should know, commands are issued "As Gaeilge" i.e. in the Irish Language, but you should pick em up pretty quickly.
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            A cadetship is going to be cut down to 14 months.
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              Where did you hear they were cutting the cadetship to 14 months?, thats a big drop from 21 months.

              The Implementation Plan said that the aim should be to recruit more graduates, to cut down on the numbers going to USAC & other colleges around the country. But at the same time, the DF want 3rd level education to be part of the development of an officer during their career.

              For that reason, at the commissioning new 2/Lts are conferred with a recognised Diploma, and students on the C&S course are now receiving MAs.


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                Thanks everyone

                I appreciate the time you've taken to help. I have been actively researching Irish Defence for 2.5 years now. The Irish offer much better access to overseas United Nations missions whereas Australia is confined within the pacific. I have great ambitions of getting back to Africa for work, most prefereable with the UN. I am also networked within Dublin, so that if I decide to pursue a Cadetship I will either find easy work as a personal trainer or work with the GAA, whom have already offered me work. Failing the PDF in Ireland, I can still come back to Australia and will pursue a career with australian Intelligence organisations. So I am in no way closed minded about the outlook for joining the Irish PDF. Thanks though, but I guess I won't be able to access the correct information until I get to Dublin in November which is ok.


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                  The cadetships will be cut to 14 months from next year onwards.

                  If you join the Irish Defence Foces and find after awhile its not what you want, you can transfer to the Aussie Forces and keep your rank.
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                    14 months! How can it be reduced from its current 21 months? The must have altered the syllabus drastically! :confused:
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                      Is this for the army cadets only?
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                        No, any rank can look into a transfer.
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