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Shot fired in fight at McKee Barracks

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  • Shot fired in fight at McKee Barracks

    Just read this in the evening herald.
    An officer was dropped off at the gate of the barracks at about 3.30am by a few friends but as he left the car 4 men approached him and threatened him.His friends came to help him and the gaurd on gate duty opened the gate to let the officer in. All 8 men however got inside the base. Back-up arrived and several of the men attempted to take the steyrs off the soldiers.The guard commander then fired a shot from his rifle in order to gain control of the situation.
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    Theres a definite lack of respect for the army displayed here....more info please.
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      It was in the herald today.I just shortened it because its a few hundred words and i`m not a fast typer.Must have been quite scary for the soldiers though as the article said that the junkies were wrestling with the soldiers and were trying to take their steyrs off them, if they did manage to get the rifles would the soldiers have been allowed to shoot the junkies? whats the law in a situation like that?
      Education isn't everything, for a start it isn't an elephant


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        Shot fired in fight at Dublin barracks

        Shots fired in fight at Dublin barracks
        Junkie Invasion: Alert as drug-crazed gang get inside main gate
        Evening Herald
        By Michael Lavery

        A sentry fired a warning shot after a gang of junkies attacked soldiers at a Dublin Army barracks.
        The sentry at McKee Barracks, Dublin 7, was forced to use his Steyr Aug assault rifle after four men, described by Army sources as “drug crazed”, got inside the main gate.
        Security is tight at the barracks, which is home to two main Army units, with hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition stored there. Armed soldiers are permanently on duty.
        The drama started when a young officer returning to the barracks after a night out, was dropped off at the main gate by three friends in a car at around 3.30am.
        But as the officer said goodbye to his friends, he was approached by four men who threatened him.
        “His friends got out of the car to help him and the fracas encroached on the main gate,” a Defence Forces spokesman.
        Some of the four attackers then tried to open the main gate as members of the army guard detachment nearby were called out.
        In the ensuing melee, some of the four men “attempted to disarm members of the guard”.
        The soldiers, who were issued with standard issue Steyr 5.56mm assault rifles, wrestled with the attackers as the fight continued. “The Guard Commander fired one shot in the air from a Steyr rifle to calm things down.” the Defence Forces spokesman said.
        No one was injured in the incident at the Barracks, which houses hundreds of soldiers from the 5th Infantry Battalion, the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment and the Army Equitation School.
        The men were then evicted from the barracks.
        It is understood the Gardai later arrested two men in connection with the incident.
        Military police who usually man gates carry a 9mm Browning automatic pistol but a guard detachment of up to 10 soldiers armed with Steyr rifles and live ammunition is on 24-hour duty.

        {Photo of soldier on parade with the following caption: .
        FEARS: McKee Barracks holds massive amount of arms}


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          Futurepilot, the answer to the question you have asked is operational and is therefore RESTRICTED. Do not pursue this line of questioning.

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            I would have thought military personnel on duty would be authorized to detain these nimrods until the boys in blue arrived?

            I would hope that the MP's on duty have some kind of non-lethal option (pepper spray, baton)...firing a shot into the air tells me the guards lost control of the situation...then again, I wasn't there....I think the last time something like this happened was around 1985 when some Provo terrorist called Evelyn Glenhomes got away from the SB boys, one of them fired some shots...forget the weapon used, I think the Det in question ended up getting disciplined.

            Sounds like a typical Evening Herald sensationalist, scare-mongering spin, especially the caption with the photo "Fears: McKee has lots of guns"...well no shit, there are lots of soldiers based there ...and maybe they've taken precautions so that a bunch of junkie scumbags aren't just going to saunter in, pick up a few 50 cals, GPMGs and whatever you're having yourself.
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              The guard commander was totally justified in what action he took. {MOD:Operational details removed.}


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                I wonder how much thought the guard commander put in to his aim, that roud either landed in the Phoenix Park or some of the more built up areas near by...

                Scary to think how quickly things can escalate... I presume that the MP have jurisdiction over civies on military land?


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                  The guard commander was totally justified in what action he took.
                  If you're "going kinetic", then you should be aiming centre mass.
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                    True combatlogo, but maybe the situation didn't allow it. The guard commander could very well have hit his mate that was wrestling on the ground with the junkie.

                    Muzzle also has a very valid point though.

                    I still think the GC was right in what action he did. Imagine the headlines if one of the junkies was killed. It might have been all legal, but would have been a pain in hte ass for the DF!
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                      Its crossed my mind a few times where I would aim a warning shot so that it would be safe and effective... Its fine in the Glen (generally) but what about a town or a petrol station (for example). Aiming for a wall or tarmac migt cause shrapnel or a ricochet.

                      If you shoot to kill you also have to consider where the round will go if it passes through the intended target. Alot to consider in a split second.


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                        Can of worms closed.

                        Regards etc
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