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DF incident in Lebanon

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  • DF incident in Lebanon

    [MOD: This post by DeV made sense in the original thread .His post however caused the thread to go off at a tangent and has been edited here to allow the replies to make sense. God I need coffee!]

    A friend of mine almost lost his hand in Lebanon, in an explosion where 1 guy lost both legs, and 2 more lost a leg each (I think).
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    state the year, how and when this incident occured in the lebanon and if these people were member's of the defence force's, i have no recollection of an incident like the one you mentioned,

    keep safe.


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      It incident happened 7-10 years ago at this stage. Yes, the were members of the DF serving with UNIFIL. They were clearing mines laid close to UNIFIL positions by the IDF / DFF. The IDF / DFF supplied an inaccurate map of the mined area, as far as I know.

      The guy who lost both legs was featured on "The Late Late Show", I can't think of his name but he was given a desk job (in DFHQ I think) and well looked after. But don't know if any of them received compensation.

      My point was it is a lot easier to prove the lose of life / limb than it is to prove PTSD / deafness, yet the damages / compensation awarded are generally ALOT larger.


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        if you are talking about the bayt yahun-620 mine field incident please get your fact's straight before you make statement's and dressing up a story about mass casualty incident's with limb's flying all over the place is not on, i do realise that you are trying to get a point across but dramatising the bodycoount (or limb's) went out with NAM,

        keep safe.


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          His name was Gary Moloney wasn't it. The date was 1997 and he lost one leg to an anti-per mine.

          The IDF had bulldozed the road clear of mines at Bayt Yahoun Crossroads. They'd mined the road earlier to block a suspected Hizballah infiltration route thus forcing the UN to use an IDF tank track to reach the Black Hole. Once the IDF had cleared the road the Irish swept it for mines and Pte Moloney stood on one during the operation.
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            would you like to share where you got this information,as your source is completely wrong about the incident and posting fantasy on a serious topic like this is a bit walterish,

            keep safe.


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              still waiting for a reply, or is it a case that we should take all your post's on the board as fantasy, whoever gave you the info was wrong and you posting it here without checking up on the fact's are wrong.

              care to elaborate,

              keep safe.


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                I got the information from the paper, can't remember which one, in the couple days after the incident, which named the guys who were injuried, thats how I found out my friend had been injuried. The details I gave on the board are accurate, with regards as to what was in the paper, we all know the papers get it wrong!


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                  is this what you are talking about.

                  €1.4m to Army landmine amputee


                  THE State has paid compensation believed to be around €1.4 million to Corporal Gary Maloney, the Co Clare soldier who lost a leg during a mine clearance operation in south Lebanon in June 1997. It is the largest payment made to a soldier injured in Lebanon and comes after an internal inquiry into the incident in which he was injured.

                  At the time Corporal Maloney, 28, was injured the Defence Forces blamed the Israeli Defence Forces for the incident at a minefield at an Israeli position near the village of Beit Yahoun in the Irish area of operations in Lebanon.

                  The minefield blocked direct access to an Irish-manned UN lookout post which had to be re-supplied by helicopter. However, the IDF denied the accusation that it was responsible for the injuries to Corporal Maloney. An IDF spokesman at the time said: "The minefield was marked and surrounded by barbed wire. The Israeli army rejects UNIFIL accusations that it was responsible for this accident." The Israelis laid the minefield after a series of attacks on its posts by the Islamic Resistance group allied to the Hizbollah political party.

                  Talks took place over a period of months between the UN in Lebanon and the IDF resulting in a decision by the Israelis to bulldoze a path through the minefield to the Irish position. After the Israel armoured bulldozer cut a path through the field, an Irish ordnance and engineering team moved in to clear the remaining mines. They were about to blow up the mines when Corporal Maloney of Ennis, Co Clare, was caught by another unexploded anti-personnel mine. He lost his left leg below the knee and suffered severe injuries to his right ankle. His compensation application heard that the injuries to his other leg had become progressively worse.

                  Five other Irish soldiers suffered less serious shrapnel injuries. They have also made compensation claims which are still before the High Court. After treatment in an Israeli hospital, Corporal Maloney returned to duty with the Defence Forces. The Minister for Defence, Mr Smith said there would be a position for him in the Army so long as he wanted one.

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                  money well deserved, still, not as many limb's lost as in your story,

                  all it took was five mins on a search engine .


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                    money well deserved,
                    Let's just say that some aspects of the Irish military appear foreign to me such as compensation and union representation....There's a low premium life insurance scheme which is optional and which pays out to nominated beneficaries in the event of death.....was there some implicit admission of responsibility by the Min by paying out €€€ in this case?
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                      Here he could have recieved 100% disability from the VA from his injuries they may also medically retire someone which would be comparable to regular retirement benefits.Do they have anything along those lines in Ireland? He may have been left with no option but to sue if he didnt want to stay in the army as apparently mr Smith offered.
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