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  • Congo

    What ever became of this ?It was wrten last May....
    Troops await call-up for UN Congo mission -

    IRISH peacekeeping troops are on stand-by, awaiting a call-up to join a UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Defence Minister Michael Smith has indicated he is strongly in favour of joining the mission if all of the Government's requirements for overseas service are met. But the Government has not yet learned officially if Ireland will be asked to contribute troops to the 18-month-long mission.

    European Union defence ministers, including Mr Smith, responded positively to a request from the UN to send troops when they met in Brussels last week.

    However, an invitation to join could pose legislative problems for the Government if the mission does not have a mandate from the UN Security Council which is part of the "triple lock" mechanism needed to send peace troops overseas.

    Apart from the UN Security Council, the mission must also have the approval of the Government and the Oireachtas and without one or more of the three, the law must be changed if the Defence Forces are to become involved.

    Two Irish officers are attached to the 700-strong UN observer mission in the north-east of the country. The group has been pulled back to the town of Bunia for its own protection.

    The Defence Forces will send out a military reconnaissance team if a request for troops is received. Don Lavery writes: If the army takes part in the mission in the Congo it will be returning to the scene of its first major UN operation 43 years ago.

    More than 6,000 Irish soldiers took part in the Congo mission from 1960-64 and the force suffered 26 deaths.

    The mission, which saw Irish soldiers sent to Africa in bullswool uniforms with home-made armoured cars and obsolete weapons, led to more modern training and equipment for the Army in the 1960s.

    Tom Brady
    Security Editor - -Irish Independent

    May 14, 2003

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    I think someone basically realised that the DF have run out of soldiers:
    - 2 E Bde in UNMIL;
    - 4 W Bde just back from same;
    - 1 S Bde in KFOR, and gearing up for UNMIL.
    Policy on the hoof runs you into the ground eventually, viz. "I guarantee that there will be Irish Soldiers in Afghanistan next year" - result: 1 Sgt and 1 or 2 Offrs in ISAF.


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      I think someone posted here a few days back that there are 800 troops stationed overseas out of a max of 850 thats allowed.Anyone clarify this?

      On a side note, I read an account of the niemba ambush on 8th november 1960 last night and it must have been a truly horrific experience.
      Just found this site, which gives a short account the the ambush:
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        fp,all that is already detailed in the heritage section.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          I heard ballhops about Sudan in the near future?


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            As part of UNSAS & EURRF, Ireland has stated in policy that the max number of troops available is 850.

            On 30 June, there were 739 all ranks,

            "9.5 At present Ireland subscribes to the United Nations Standby Arrangements System (UNSAS) under which the State offers to provide up to 850 personnel on overseas service at any given time. This is an expression of policy intent and not a binding commitment. There is no obligation to participate in any particular mission and the approval of Ireland's parliament (Dáil Éireann) is required for the dispatch of a contingent of the Permanent Defence Force to specific operations."

            (PfP Individual Partnership Programme Ireland 2002-2003)

            The Government has declared the following to the EURRF (from DOD website):

            Inf Bn 650
            inf Bn Gp 750
            Inf Coy 300
            Fd Arty Bty 80
            Engr EOD Team 10
            Light Recce 60
            ARW 40
            NBC Pln 30
            Truck Coy 100
            CIMIC Team 30
            Augmentees 30
            MP 10
            Observers 20
            Press Info 6
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              You can talk about numbers, but that only tell part of the story. There's no shortage of grunts, but have you tried to locate a techie recently? Or a Mowag driver?


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                "There's no shortage of grunts, but have you tried to locate a techie recently? Or a Mowag driver?"

                Last time I saw a Mowag driver he was in court applying for his licence back after a drunk driving conviction.

                So that he could go on a tour of Eritrea driving a Mowag?
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                be for the free; that freedom is the sure
                possession of those who have the
                courage to defend it.
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                  Re: Parts

                  Originally posted by JAG
                  Last time I saw a Mowag driver he was in court applying for his licence back after a drunk driving conviction.

                  So that he could go on a tour of Eritrea driving a Mowag?
                  And he probably got the tour, too. Precisely my point: you can't get these people for love nor money, so they are going (or being sent) overseas every two or three years.