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Troops to Macedonia

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  • Troops to Macedonia

    Well it seems not.....

    Irish troops will not participate in EU mission

    February 26, 2003

    The Government has decided not to supply Irish troops to participate in the EU's first military mission which starts in Macedonia next month.

    The decision against supplying soldiers is due to legal advice which indicated the operation may not have a full UN mandate.

    About 20 personnel had been on standby to take part in a 300-strong peacekeeping force from the start of April following a request from the EU.

    Ministers decided against involvement following advice which indicated that the EU operation does not fully meet the requirements for the participation of Irish soldiers under the Defence Acts.

    It is understood that the mission may not have full UN mandate or authorisation.

    The new mission is being set up following agreement by the EU to take over the operation from NATO.

    The headquarters of the mission will be located at NATO headquarters in Mons, outside Brussels.

    The number of Irish soldiers serving abroad has fallen in the past eighteen months from 900 to 300 following the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon and East Timor.

    The majority of troops on overseas duties are currently in Eritrea and Kosovo.


    20 troops, what do you think ARW, Support Staff ?

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    The 20 troops were probebly to be suppport staff. I wonder is this going to be a preminet reduction in our numbers serving abroad. You also have to remember that out UNMEE mission is winding down (although I have heard the opposite). I also heard that we may be sending troops to ISAF next year???
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      I thought they were winding down troop numbers abroad until they have a fully equipped Light Infantry batt for the RRF?


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        Yes the troops will be finished with UNMEE in june,the Finns are taking over from the Irish.We do have some staff appointments at the moment with ISAF & the troops for Macedonia were to be staff appointments too.At the end of the year KFOR will be the next large deployment of troops overseas with the Tpt Coy being replaced by an Inf Coy,eventually leading up to Bn deployment there next year.
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