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Should civvie skills and qualifications be utilised more in the RDF

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  • Should civvie skills and qualifications be utilised more in the RDF

    I've often wondered why skilled persons such as tradesmen and people with professional qualifications aren't give roles in the RDF more in line with their training.

    Should there be more utilisation of theses skills/professions or are things o.k. the way they are ?

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    Definately, and without doubt there should at least be a register of peoples skills and abilities and qualifications.

    Now I know some people would be a bit peeved at doing the same thing in the military as they already do in civvie street, but not everyone would feel like this!


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      I sit in front of a PC 8-9 hours a day so i doubt if I would want to do that in the RDF as well!

      Stuff you do when on courses, camps etc. is a good break from the 9 to 5


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        Yes, no need to elaborate further


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          Good point Logue

          I fail to understand why the skills aren't utilised more in the RDF. I feel the powers that be have made, and are continuing to make a major mistake in not tapping into a skills resource that would make the private sector envious.

          In the years I've been in the Inf reserve I've seen civvie truck drivers, electricians, IT specialists, logistics specialists all come and and go. What a waste of skills.

          I've seen units being restricted in training beause of a shortage of PDF drivers.

          I'm an IT consultant, yet I'm not allowed near the PC's in the orderly room !

          I could go on
          Beart do reir ar mbriathar


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            I know how you feel Klick, I spent nearly 4 years as a Radio Officer/ Electrical Engineer on board large oil tankers. When I left I applied to the NS for a similar position. I was asked if I had a degree to which I replied No. That was the last I heard from them ????? they are crying out for technicians now.

            I think its high time that there was a list drawn up of skills within the RDF. For example look at this site and ICUN's, they have to be 10 times better than the, RDFRA and PDFORA sites. The RDFRA site is a joke, it looks good until you click on things and there is nothing there!
            Sigs - No amps, no volts = no interest


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              To be fair to the RDFRA site I understand it's still being revamped (in stages) using RDF skills.

              Don't know about the PDFORRA one. I bet the running of it is oursourced to a civilian company.

              Fair dues to the lads who created this site and the site. Oops, nearly forgot to include Bailers site.

              It say's a lot about the skills the skills that out there and that are available.
              Beart do reir ar mbriathar


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                You have a point, not everyone wants to to the same thing in the RDF as the do in civvie street (a busmans holiday). However if you were given an option as to whether you wanted to use your specialist skills or continue as normal I'm sure alot of people would jump at the chance. That being said I suppose alot of people don't want go down that road because of the current problems getting tech pay etc. I know at least 2 RDF people who did the driver course and now they are being used as a cheap alternative to cadre drivers, by cheap I mean they don't get payed!
                It is annoying though to see some cadre staff who barely know anything about computers refusing help from RDF personnel who are qualified to build and design the damn things!


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                  Time and time again we complaine that we aren't being fully utilised by the DF a great way of changing this is to use the skills we have in Civvie life as members of the DF. I can appreciate the fact that some would not like this as they go to the FCA for a break from the 9-5 job but it would be a start, we have a much better chance of being tasked with this kind of role then, as suggest, some sort of SF Recce unit.