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    I have to say I'm a little surprised with the amount of negative feelings from some members of the public, I suppose I've been lucky in that I have never had any trouble wearing my uniform, the fact that the 6 FAR were based in Kildare and now the DFTC both communities were small and well used to the DF, I guess that larger cities would not have as much contact the DF and could then be mislead by what we do which could lead to resentment.

    I would say however that while you are in uniform, you must conduct yourself in a professional manner. If for no other reason then not letting yourself stoop to their ignorant level, be proud of the fact that you give freely your spare time to serve your country. :-patriot:


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      The only hassleI 've ever had was believe it or not in Mitchlestown about two years ago, we were were returning from a shoot in Kilworth and stoped off for something to eat in he fine place opposite the Garda Station (nice grub in there!!) and this flower power hippie chick was walking up the street against up, now there were only two of us me and the units 2 pip Lt, when this one stops and shouts at us that we are "baby Killers!!", we stopped in our tracks looked at one another and started laughing, she was none too impressed and stormed off........

      Bearing that in mind we all know that ther are certain element that just see the sight of a uniform as something to be despised, be their motives political, or more off than not they just see us as part of a system the love to get on the wrong side of and use the excuse to display their anti-socail tendencies.
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        A "turn the other cheek" attitude is a must when you are in public in uniform.


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          I think most of these events had less to do with the army, and more to do with peoples problem with authority and the state.
          When in uniform you are an extension of the states authority in their eyes, a bit like a garda.


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            Very true Lord Flash, only difference is the garda will arrest you for any of the above.

            As to my personal experience, never have any trouble. I see the point about the St. Patricks day parade, although I would't worry about the crusties just a bunch of hippies, whereas we are soldiers who serve our country and therefore when in uniform will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at ALL times!


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              Gentlemen (and Ladies)

              as you have experienced we are a strange country. We glorify our sons and daughters occasionally we take the piss very frequently.

              For instance I read that thousands apparently protest publicly against a possible war with an Iraqi tyrant in Dublin recently and hardly anyone protested publicly in the republic against an IRA (and other terrorists) murdering and maiming.

              I served with the 23rd during a period when the then FCA was a (very) resourced starved organisation - in fact for what it is worth I seem to recall I was a training NCO on Goldie Fish's basic camp in 1986 (I appologise to the defence forces for that - I have lived outside the country for many years now and I look at how far you have come in the RDF with satisfaction (for you) and lots of envy (at what I am missing).

              The majority of educated people recognise you for what you are - individuals serving and supporting your country and you as service men and women probably gain a great deal from the experience as well.

              Enjoy the piss taking when it is given in good humour and honour the uniform when the ignorent and opinionated grunt (or spit) at you. The (always silent) majority respect you.


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                All in all the majority of people seem to hold the RDF in high regard. But there inevitable will be a few smart-asses who feel the have to belittle us. I find some of these people are actually ex-RDF who either couldn't cut it or joined up for the gear and left after their first camp, maybe they bare a grudge for whatever reason but it is clear to me that the RDF is better off without these sorts of people. I also find that ex-PDF and serving PDF have plenty of time for us, some of them started off with us and some return to the RDF when their stint in the PDF is finished. The profile of the RDF in the eyes our PDF collegues is definitely alot higher that it was previously, largely due to more and more RDF units doing duties and participating in joint RDF/PDF exercises, this can only be a good thing. If we had more of a role in the public's eye rather than just St. Pat.'s parade then maybe we could build up their respect for us aswell.


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                  The general public cannot differentiate between RDF and PDF but I would say that except for the odd nutter they hold the defence forces in resonably high regard.


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                    The Green party is a collection of educationally advantaged people that believes that having a DF is some sort of war crime
                    "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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                      sure there will always be the one (or quite a few) muppets around that want to start an arguement
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                      beart de réir ár mbriathar

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                        i have recived the entire spectrum of prase to abuse and have even been attacked while in uniform...... so i dont know which one to vote for :confused:
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                          Just thought I would resurrect this thread and ask the question, Has anything changed?
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                            Well, I'm surprised that no one's mentioned the old classic: "I can't see you!", but aside from jokers, I've had no bad experiences. On the contrary, I've had a good few people chat to me about it and joining etc.

                            Has anyone noticed how much respect you get crossing a road? I've found that crossing the city centre, I literally can wander across roads without looking in perfect safety!
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                              Just the usual "Are you in the army" crap from kids, and stuff like that. Oh, and the civvies staring in disbelief too. You even get that on the No10 bus, which would carry a lot of DF personnel.


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                                Having read the above thread, it has returned alot of memories since I joined (RDF).

                                At home I believe there is on the whole a negative sentiment about the DF.

                                Personnally, I have never experienced being spat on, but have the muppet slagging directed at me e.g. Left, Right and so forth as you walked...nothing major.

                                Was walking through college about 4/5 months back with two corporal friends of mine (in uniform...imaculate of course!!) and this utter knob decided to come to attention and preceded to fall out in front of us...Unfortunatly he failed to bring his thighs parrallel to the ground, so the only one that walked away abused was him... subtley of course...

                                Currently living on the continent and the respect frrom serving your country is something I have never experienced... From all nationalitys I have encountered, I have never experienced any anti-military sentiment i.e. towards soldiers.

                                On a seperate issue the RDF are not as badly trained as we think... Especially after talking to German conscripts...
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