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    If you start putting recruits on 17 hour days they're not going to take in what your trying to teaching them. They're also going to start loosing stuff as soon as it's handed out to them. You have to remember they're recruits you have break them in reasonably to army life.
    I disagree. You're underestimating the workload that people can be put under. I've seen and done it myself for alot longer than 2 weeks. You'd be amazed what even the most unlikely of people can do if they just stop whining and get their head down.
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      "You have to remember they're recruits you have break them in reasonably to army life."

      No ... instead of 'reasonably' I would say 'properly' .

      It's down to proper management of the time and keeping morale up, which apart from completing the mission are very very important things.
      "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

      "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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        Taking the average student layabout who has probably never worked more than a part time job in his life
        Most student layabouts I know spend between 15 and 40 hours a week in lectures, then whatever time is needed to complete essays, projects, assignments etc, and then lots of “spare” time is spent behind a counter somewhere earning rent, cost of books and fees. Summers spent on a building site – real soft work. Personally I find any public servant, current or otherwise, (with the exception of some of the health service), using the term layabout a bit laughable.

        As for training recruits for 17 out of 24 hours – pointless to argue this one. Its obliviously suggested by people who have never trained RDF recruits. Try it and see what happens.


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          You obviously didn't go to the same university as I did!
          Maybe I should have! Seriously though, people using the sterotype of students as the ultimate in laziness irritates me.