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Skyranger Piranha.

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  • Skyranger Piranha.

    I found this, the US army is currently testing it. It apperently work's as effectively on ground target's as well as air. Would it be a good idea for the cannon armed Mowag's to replace the AML-20&90 instead of a 25 or 30mm system?
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    A Bit of a high profile...HEAT magnet?

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      What kind of gun/cannon is that?


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        Its a 105mm cannon. Canada is replacing its Leopard 1 tanks with it.
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          The 105mm unit the Canadians are buying is the GDLS-MGS which is under development for the US Army Medium Brigade Combat Teams, the Skyranger is a Rheinmetall product using their 35mm Revolver cannon. As the name would suggest, its primarily an Anti Aircraft weapon system.


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            Yep your right and I`m an idiot. Here`s the version with the 105mm cannon.
            Education isn't everything, for a start it isn't an elephant


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              Hmmm I preferred the look of the AD Piranha with the GECAL/Stinger combo, either way its still a very limited deterrent against strike aircraft and helos.
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                Skyranger – the new self-propelled multi-mission system against air and ground targets

                Rapidly evolving threats, new forms of deployment during multinational operations, and the specific requirement of protecting rapid reaction forces, all call for the introduction of a new, highly mobile, flexible system for dealing with air and ground threats. On the basis of the Skyshield fire unit, Ahead technology, and the Asrad-R missile launcher, Oerlikon Contraves – a subsidiary of the Rheinmetall DeTec Group – has developed a self-propelled multi-mission system for engaging air and ground targets. Dubbed the Skyranger, it will be presented for the first time at Eurosatory 2004.

                On the move: the self-propelled multi-mission system for the protection of mobile units and stationary assets.

                Short system reaction times, a management system optimised for modern threat scenarios and high flexibility in the selection of effectors, combine to guarantee the protection of rapid reaction forces, peacekeeping troops and mechanised units, as well as stationary assets.

                Threat scenarios in recent years have changed fundamentally. Defence against saturation attacks from the air as well as from ground-based systems have emerged as a central issue of survivability. Added to this comes the growing importance of the asymmetric threat and terrorism, whose potential knows no bounds. Increasingly, multinational, mobile units find themselves deployed in war and warlike situations. These formations require a form of permanent protection that does not impair their mobility. Skyranger, the latest development from Oerlikon Contraves, is a self-propelled multi-mission system that accompanies the troops during operations, providing effective protection from air and ground-based threats.

                The Skyranger family

                Oerlikon Contraves enjoys internationally acclaimed expertise in the field of short-range air defence as well as the unique Ahead technology, enabling extremely small targets and area targets alike to be engaged very effectively. The Skyranger concept emerged on the basis of this expertise, coupled with various platform vehicles. Included in the Skyranger family of products are the Skyranger Gun System, the Skyranger Missile Launcher System and the Skyranger Control Centre. Depending on the tactical situation, different effectors can be selected – gun systems alone, the missile launcher systems by themselves, or a combination of the two – resulting in a highly effective Vshorad and Shorad system.

                The Skyranger product family consists of the following systems: Skyranger gun, Skyranger missile launcher, and Skyranger radar with integrated control centre.

                The mobility of the Skyranger systems is assured by the platform vehicle, which can be either wheeled or tracked. The effectors, sensors and control systems can be mounted on different types of vehicles and move independently of each other within the area of operations. As well as providing heightened security and survivability, this enables optimum positioning of the individual Skyranger systems on the ground: the effectors can be deployed to get the most of lethality out of their zone, while the radar systems can be placed in order to exploit their maximum range.

                The Skyranger gun system

                The heart of the Skyranger gun system is the proven 35 mm revolver cannon, integrated into an unmanned turret. Due to the use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies, it is extremely light and can thus be mounted on light wheeled vehicles. In this configuration Skyranger is air-transportable.

                Its 35 mm revolver cannon, teamed with the tremendous destructive power of its 35 mm ammunition, mean that the Skyranger gun system is foreordained for the successful engagement of air and ground targets. The selectable rate of fire (max. 1,000 rounds per minute or rapid single shot or single shot) widens the operational spectrum of the gun system to an impressive degree.

                The turret is equipped with the proven 35 mm revolver cannon.

                An optional dual ammunition feeding system enables the availability of two types of ammunition. The magazine has a 220-round capacity. The standard Ahead rounds can be supplemented with sub-calibre ammunition.

                Each burst of Ahead fire – consisting of approximately 20 programmed rounds – releases a lethal cloud of sub-projectiles just ahead of the target. Even very small targets (e.g. UAVs, attack drones, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles or smart bombs) and area targets can be successfully engaged. Sub-calibre ammunition extends the maximum effective range of the system when engaging conventional armoured air and ground targets.

                An electro-optical tracking sensor controls the weapon of the Skyranger gun system. It automatically tracks the target assigned to it by the control centre. The passive tracking sensor system, consisting of an infrared camera, a TV-camera and a laser rangefinder, assures outstanding performance day and night – even under adverse weather conditions.

                The Skyranger missile launcher system

                A launcher for the missile type Bolide increases the range of the Skyranger family. This flexible nature of the system allows also using ground-to-air missiles, such as the Stinger, Mistral or Igla.

                The system has the flexibility to use various ground-to-air missiles.

                The Skyranger radar system

                The Skyranger radar system is an advanced 3D I-band search and acquisition radar capable of detecting, locking onto, and tracking even small, fast and steep attacking targets. It generates a three-dimensional aerial image, classifies detected targets, and carries out a threat analysis. The 3D target data shorten the system reaction times, and play a key role in assuring that targets are assigned to the right effector. Even while on the move, the Skyranger radar system assures continuous detection of targets. It has a range of 25 km and is extremely resistant to electronic countermeasures.

                Modern 3D search and acquisition radar (I-Band) capable of detecting, acquiring and tracking even small, fast and steep attacking targets.

                The Skyranger control centre

                The control centre, which can be integrated together with the radar system into a single vehicle, manages the Skyranger battery. Standardized links enable networking with higher echelon and adjacent command and control systems.

                For further information, please contact:
                Rheinmetall DeTec AG
                Press and Information
                Oliver Hoffmann
                Phone: +49 211 473-4748
                Fax: +49 211 473-4157