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    Should the DoD create a Intranet specially designed for RDF members. When I say RDF intranet I mean have the like of the foot drill/arms drill etc on it. Where changes to the procedure for falling out can be published easly. It appears to me that it is this sort of incoherance with in the organisation dont do much for moral, which is reflected in recruitment etc.

    Any thoughts?

    BTW: This is leading up to my "How bad is your unit" thread...
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    Sounds like a good idea but would it not cause alot of hassel for the DoD.


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      Agree totally. There should be a site teaching SOP because units aren't teaching it properly in alot of cases.

      Ps: My unit is far from bad.
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        I'd assume security, the DF wouldnt want unsecured locations accessing its network, you then get a "second class" syndrome as the RDF units based at a manned barracks can access the intranet while a unit based in a rural location (like Cahirciveen for example) could not.

        The solution to this would be some sort of extranet but who would you trust the passwords to?

        Even if there was an intranet in place I couldnt see the average corporal in a inf unit having the time to surf it on during a parade night.
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          I think the extranet is the better option, cause otherwise a lone PC connected to the DF intranet, could be monopolised by a small number of people, although it should be in all RDF locations, as should the UCS (Unit Computer System). Also as Big Al says when would the average corporal have the time on a parade night.

          For college we use an extranet, called, its fairly good and easy to use. Packages are available to allow for 5-1000 members, additional members can be added.

          The Entreprise 1000 package costs US$43,200 annually for 1000 members, additional members are charged at US$5 per month. Video conferencing is also available for an extra fee.

          But security is obviously the most important issue. Access would have to very strictly regulated. You need to know the address of the site to access it, although I think there is an index, you also need a username & password. The server is located in the US, system redundancy is good, and data is backed up daily. SSL Encryption is available as extra, for an annual fee of US$300.

          Even if the DF was to allow specfic units, spread out over large geographic area, to use it, it would prove its worth.


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            Good idea, but I can't see it happening in the near future.
            The defence forces seem to be so techno phobic these days...


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              Rumour has it the PDF IT guys are pretty decent but ill belive it when I see it.

              No DF PC connected to their internal net is connected to the Internet (bar the mail gateway). The Net machines are sperate boxes. No way they would extend the intranet beyond the existing (secure) locations.

              $43,000 is steep not to have SSL as standard esp considering any joe soap can throw up an SSL site easily enough. Extranet by definition would be out of the question as well.

              A RDF support site, varying levels of access depending on who it is. Wouldn't take much to do the technical side of things, any security they like but the politics of publishing any restricted content on the net is always going to be a mine field.

              RDFRA site could do with a serious overhaul as well (which it seems to be getting so we will have to wait and see).


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                Don't see the advantage myself. Not everyone is going to use the inter/intranet. Better to have manuals and informed BTC support staff available to all.


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                  It depends.

                  There is certainly scope for something along the lines of ATDL
                  which if you haven't used it before is a fantastic resource [ if you like US doctrine ]


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                    Intranet site.

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                    Do the Irish defence forces have an intranet site available for their personnel to view??????
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                      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                        ok im thick n slow , what is intranet as opposed to internet ???
                        Anyone need a spleen ?


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                          Internet= everyone can view it
                          Intranet=only those on that network can view it.

                          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                            We use the site.


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                              Originally posted by Goldie fish View Post
                              Internet= everyone can view it
                              Intranet=only those on that network can view it.
                              ah ok , i apoligise for the thickness of my stupidity
                              Anyone need a spleen ?