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    Dear all,

    Im thinking of joining the cadets and will have an engineering degree if I go for it. I have being chatting to a few people about it and am getting the impression if I go along these lines my engineering abilities will be put second and I wont be able to further my knowledge.
    Any thoughts on this from someone in the know.
    cheers :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot:

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    There are two approaches.

    1) You join as a cadet and be a soldier first. This will allow you the option of being involved in other areas of the army other than engineering. It will also remove any cap on promotion. It means that the next 2 years will be spent doing soldier things not engineering things.

    2) Alternatively you could try and get a direct commission as an engineer (I do not know how many places are available and whether or not they require prior experience).

    If you like the military life I would choose option 1. While it is possible for you to end up not being in an engineering capacity after you get commissioned I would like to think that the army would not pass up on the chance of getting an engineer after 18 months rather than 5 years (cadet training plus engineering degree)


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      You have the two options to join as an officer as Bravo20 has mentioned, I however have only the latter of the two. The thing is that you earn more money as an engineering officer in the DF than an ordinary officer (excluding medical and scientific officers). Also you pay depends on rank (and tech pay if you can get it), so you may find that you have to make a certain rank to pay off your mortgage comfortably.
      As a civilian profession your pay would exceed anything the army could offer, engineering is a rewarding career as well (I'm sure other board members have a similar outlook) and you can always join the RDF if you have an interest in the military. For more information on engineering visit on the web.
      Incidently you can be commissioned in the RDF as an engineering officer without doing a course on the strength of an engineering degree(***** **** got commisioned a few years ago), you have to be in an engineering unit of course.

      So you can earn more money as a civvie engineer or join as a cadet or Engineering Officer.
      My advice is to choose your options wisely and remember if you don't get the cadets the first time try again!
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