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Clonmel Flooding

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  • Clonmel Flooding

    I would like to thank all the members of the 12th bn in Clonmel who have been working tirelessly to provide services to the townspeople of Clonmel over the past few days.

    It has been noted that they have been dilligent in their efforts along with the civil defence as opposed to the local authorities in their efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the local population.

    Although thankfully I personally have not been affected by the recent flooding, I have heard the comments of the locals who have expressed great gratitude toward the local garrison.
    Some have even gone so far as to ask how do towns without such a resource manage.
    The drivers, along with their crews, have neglected their own wellbeing in order to make the lives of there fellow citizens somewhat more bearable in the current crisis.

    I realise that this message of appreciation will reach few of them, but would like to make it well known nonetheless. The serivce these guys have provided in a time of misery to some of Clonmels citizens has been duly noted.

    Again, thank you to the soldiers of the 12th bn from the people of Clonmel.
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    Well done to the army, I am not from Clonmel but nearby, and know the great work they did.
    there were a few moaners on the radio during the day who went on how they should have done more was a bit of a kick in the stones for them I am sure !
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