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    I recently met an instructor who was formerly with 10th SF group who felt the ARW is the premier special operators in Europe and the Irish DF are well know for producing quality over quantity. The average US joe would probably equate Irish Soldier with IRA, but those who are in the know hold the DF in high regard.
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      Originally posted by Docman
      1000 UN troops is a drop in the ocean for the US.
      But they wouldn’t say no to them in Iraq !
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        Originally posted by kermit
        I can concur with Docman, having met the same Belgian, Dutch, British and German troops as him. The only ones who had half a clue about the Irish Army were the officers and the British. The others didn't know a thing about us. All of them were surprised to find we allowed women in Combat Units.
        As a footnote, on that same trip about a week later I met some Danish soldiers (not officers) on leave during their tour in Afghanistan and they seemed to know a good bit about the Irish Army. Having said that they had met some on UN service.
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          Originally posted by trellheim
          the latest news on the topics can be found


          Minister O'Dea's first outing as MOD in the Dail. He certainly got a good grilling.



          (the written answers). Current o/seas policy is here.

          This is from another thread but see page 16.