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Cavalry Sqns after the re-org

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  • Cavalry Sqns after the re-org

    After the re-org my coy is to become part of the 31 res Cav Sqn, apparently we'll be given the choice of staying with the coy and going to Clonmel or stick with the batallion and become part of the 34 res Inf Bn. I was just wondering what difference do you think will changing corps make to me in terms of camps and courses, promotion (will i be seen as being on the bottom of the heap) and what does tactics involve for the cav - Im bloody sick of being volonteered for the F*&KING GPMG on tactics.

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    RECCE, PTE BOG and lots of it.Mounted and Dismounted.Armoured RECCE.

    EYES and EARS is now the name of the game for you!


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      Does RECCE cav style involve zipping around the battlefield in shiny mowags/nissans or same old crawling around in the sh*t
      Factories dont burn themselves down, they need help from people like you and me.


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        Neither: For the moment

        ARMOURED RECCE : Stealthy and tactically co-ordinated movement on the battlefield, finding out all you can about :the enemy, terrain etc.

        It means as I mentioned a certain amount of recon. from vehicles using the vehicles sensors e.g NVE, thermal.

        Getting to your point on "crawling in sh*t" as you quite dramatically phrase it,
        yes you will, cavalry involves getting in close without being detected so if that means "crawling through sh*t" , then you will.This is known as the dismounted phase. You will be scouts for the Bn and what you report back to the INF BN comdr, (who will be depending on your tactical prowess and professionalism to get the info he needs may i add), will influence how they move through the battlefield.

        At the moment we have the AML's and CVRT .

        Mowags & nissans: Mowag maybe for Comd purposes, Nissan negative, not suitable.
        For Armd recce if you ask me: supply all Cav with CVRT. LTV's would be a nice asset with a sensory platform of somesort also.


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          you have to get into the Recce Section first........and that means getting past me

          as it stands the recce element have been tasked with the brigade recce for the PSO battalions ..all this is about to change as is how we do it. Its all a bit up in the air at the moment and will become clearer as the reorganisation of the RDF progresses.
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            well john as one of the people who volonteers you for the gpmg and crawling around in the s"*t u took my job since my promotion look on it as a compliment we always pick you , ill take note in my little NCOS notebook and make sure you get a more exitciting position next time. say the gpmg gunner ,as for the s"*t im still in it, id say its the slua if we want to avoid that. infantry mud and blood hu- ha
            as im in pte bogs situation we will be in a new coy if we go cav or infantry and i know ill end up in muck either way ,
            as i know infantry someone in the cav give me some selling points (and do i have to clean out stables sorry couldnt resist)
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