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  • A question re: PDF

    I know a fella who joined the PDF around 4-5 years ago. He must have only done 2-3 years because hes been living back home for a while. He says he done a tour of the leb and then just decided to leave.

    I know for a fact that he did enlist but the details of his departure are disputed. Is it possible for him to just leave after 2-3 years or is there a minimum fixed term and do you not have to go into the RDF for a fixed term after.

    Would just like to know so I dont have to listen to him any more.

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    He could have bought out his contract or got the boot
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      How much is it to buy out your contract?


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        Dunno, its different for officers and ORs anyway.
        Also the pension system has changed to require a lot more commitment to receive a pension.
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          Depends on what courses have been done and time served.....with the five year contarct system there was no requirement to join the reserve....the rserve part of the older contract had nothing to do with enlisting in the FCA as there was a line of reserve.....called the first line reserve which was actually independent to the current reserve.

          Typical contract would have been 4 years service with 6 years committed to the first line reserve. Many people who jion the DF at the time didn't realise it was actually a10 year commitment. I've never come across anyone who carried out training in the army as part of the first line reserve...although there was an annual uptake of it in the NS for years ...and boy were there some of your esteemed relations was responsible for many destroyed braincells from drink !
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            The contract used to be 3 years and then seven in the first line reserve. You could buy yourself out of the reserve for the huge sum of 5 pounds. What this meant was that you did your recruit training and then your three star training which would take up most of your first year. Then you would report to a unit and do whatever training they required which could easily have taken up the second year. Finally, you would do a trip overseas which would take up the better part of the third year once you include the six month trip the month of training, the month of annual leave, the month of leave after returning and finally the month of post-discharge leave.


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              naval service contracts were for four years plus six reserve with the buy out prior to final approval as a recruit amounting to forty pounds...this rose to two hundred and fifty after final approval...apprenticeships depending on advancement rose into the thousand bracket
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                ... This policy, applying to personnel enlisted after 1 January 1994, provided that service for private soldiers would initially be for five years (and 7 years RDF) with the option to be extended to a maximum of 12 years in two phases. Extensions from five to nine years and from nine to 12 years were subject to the individual soldiers meeting certain criteria, including standards of medical and physical fitness, conduct and courses attended or period of overseas service.

                In 2004, PDFORRA submitted a claim under the conciliation and arbitration scheme for a further review of the terms of service applying to personnel enlisting in the Permanent Defence Force after 1 January 1994. ... Re-engagements will be subject to the individual soldiers meeting specified criteria in respect of physical fitness, medical category, successful completion of military courses of instruction, service overseas and conduct ratings. PDFORRA is in the process of balloting its members on the criteria that have been agreed.

                It will apply to people who came into the new system on and from 1 January 1994. Anyone who is approaching the end of his or her 12 year period will, if they satisfy the criteria, be able to continue in service for up to nine years. We have examined the issue of recruitment raised by the Deputy. We must keep a close eye on the age profile for obvious reasons. The current average age of privates serving in the Permanent Defence Force is 31.3 years. In light of this, we must keep the situation under review. The criteria are detailed and I can send them in circular form to Opposition spokespersons if they so wish. We are satisfied that we will be able to keep a defence force that is quite fresh faced from the point of view of the age profile without losing experience and give people proper careers.

                ... Recruits must make themselves available [for overseas service]. We are glad to say that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, people go as volunteers. They must not be dragooned or press-ganged to go overseas.

                The idea regarding the Reserve Defence Force is good and other countries engaged in peacekeeping allow their reserves to go on overseas duties. It is under active consideration as part of the reorganisation of the Reserve Defence Force. A number of issues must be worked out, such as security of employment so that people will be able to go overseas and return to a secure job. We are engaged in negotiations with employers’ representatives on that. We are also examining what type of reserve personnel will be allowed to go overseas, whether we will confine it to technical trained personnel such as engineers, doctors, cooks and drivers or open it up generally. Those matters are still under consideration. Discussions are ongoing between my Department and the representative association of the Reserve Defence Force. It is a good idea and I hope to be able to implement it.


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                  I heard you can usually buy out your contract for about €45.00 but thats just what i heard.
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                    Yep I think you're right on that figure during recruit training. A friend of mine told me they were made recite the slogan "for E45 I can go home" through the hardest parts of recruit camp (PDF).
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                      If your a recruit its 30euro, and trained 300euro and entitled to 28days leave paid.
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                        If your a recruit its 30euro, and trained 300euro and entitled to 28days leave paid.
                        if your a recruit and you put in for your ticket claiming " boo hoo i cant hack this home isckness, i want me mammy"

                        ( that was an exact quote from a male recruit aged 19)

                        According to Jim (peace love and respect everyone except your own soldiers who have actually done something in this mans army)
                        The cant hack it merchant on payment of his €45 should be allowed home and put on leave until his discharge

                        this can take a week or sometimes longer

                        we are left with the situation where some gob shite who cant hack the army has paid €45 and is now sittin g at home watching richard and judy and grand theft auto and is been paid by the cash strapped army for this privilege

                        kind of make syou want to grab jim by the collar and ask WTF he is smoking
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