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  • Army Fitness Test

    Where can I get the specifics of A) the entrance standard of fitness for the PDF and B) the ongoing fitness assessment for PDF soldiers?

    I presume that stuff isnt restricted? Is it posted on the net somewhere?

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    check out
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      Found this...

      1. Physical fitness TEST

      The physical fitness test is designed to test the candidates current level of physical fitness and his/her capacity to undergo the rigours of military training. It is composed of two aspects:

      a. (i) Local Muscular Endurance
      (ii) Aerobic Endurance
      b. Components of Physical Fitness consisting of Body Fat Assessment, Hand Grip Strength and Flexibility.

      2. Format of test

      a. (i) Aerobic Capacity Candidates will be required to run one and a half (1 1/2 ) miles within the time limit below. This is a Pass or Fail test.
      Maximum time allowed:
      Males Females
      11 mins 30 secs 13 mins

      (ii) Local Muscular Endurance This will be assessed using push-ups and sit-ups. Candidates are required to complete as many repetitions as possible within the time limit of one minute. This is a Pass or Fail test.
      Males Push-ups: minimum 20 Sit-ups: minimum 20
      Females Push-ups: 20 minimum (Modified)
      Sit-ups: 20
      b. Candidates will be required to attempt an assessment which includes three components of physical fitness. They are as follows:

      (i) Body Composition Assessment This assesses the candidates % of body fat. The candidate will be subjected to a Body/Mass Index Test.

      (ii) Strength Assessed using Hang Grip Strength Dynamometer which gives an indication of overall muscular strength.

      (iii) Flexibility Assessed using various flexibility aids (hamstring and lower back flexibility).


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        Hear is the annual fitness test for serving members as posted elsewhere, you the search function