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  • Cpl Forever....Why?

    What do you think of this?
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    I Know there was an Individual from W Brigade on a S Brigade course last year. I think the redress procedure is the best avenue. Failing that,a transfer.

    Nepotism can still be a problem in some units. Another individual I know of,offspring of an RDF officer,was a recruit in 2001,Pots Course in 2003,Standards in 2004,and is destined to be a participant on the Next Pot Officers course.
    Pull? 100%

    Very quick to put on a show when officers were about,but otherwise useless.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      I feel your pain GodBless, I see it all the time. But do you not see these people fail miserably or do a shaby job when given a task to carry out. Respect for this person must be seriously low in your unit.


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        I would start by keeping the comments about how you will not work with Sergeants you don't like to yourself. You are a Corporal and you do not make the decisions. It is not a business and it is not a democracy. The people who make Sgt are the people who will do the bidding of the officers above them. That is the rule in every army everywhere. Some of them will get along with the people below them and some will not, but that is acceptable as long as all of them do the bidding of those above them without question. If you are making it known that you will not work with the Sergeants above you while you are a Corporal, then you will not be promoted where you would be in a position to say that you will not work with the officers above you. If you were a full-time soldier, you would have been dealt with a long time ago. You attitude would never be tolerated and you would have been pressurized into leaving. While you may have some valid points, it is the army after all and nobody really cares what your opinion is and you should keep it to yourself if you want to get anywhere. I'm not trying to belittle you here but have you ever heard of any soldier getting promoted by complaining about his commanding officer' judgement concerning his choice of senior NCO's??


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          I have to agree with Ex-soldier on this. Whereas everyone gets a bit pissed off when someone else gets promotod, you are supposed to be an NCO. As such, you cant go around saying you're not going to work with someone who is superior in rank to you. This is not the girl guides. Yes...nepotism is still alive and well in good old Ireland, but as the old saying goes...if you cant take a joke, then you shouldnt have joined.

          So what are you going to do if you're not going to work with him? Leave? Perhaps that might be best for your unit. Things can be difficult enough in any unit, but when a NCO starts inciting trouble, then there is only one word I can think of which comes to mind. As an old Coxn in the Naval Service used to say (much revered CPO Doggie Keaney) "That's life in the blue suit"

          Just get on with it, prove to your superiors that you can, and will do your job properly, and perhaps your time will come. With your attitude, perhaps it's not surprising that you havent been promoted in the first place. Have you thrown tantrums such as this in the past? As I said...just get on with it, keep your head down, and do what your supposed to do, not what you WANT to do....big difference.


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            Support the Search Function.


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              Originally posted by GodBlessS&T
              I have been a member of the FCA/RDF for 12 years, the past 7 a cpl. Went looking last year for the standards course. Being a member of a corps unit with plenty of vacancies, and well fit for the course, I was turned down in place of a person who, within 3 years of joining was a cpl, and now within 4 years is a sgt. Is this right? Absolutely not.....
              The days of promotion due to seniority are numbered. Just because you have more experience does not mean you are more able. I'm not trying to belittle your experience, just giving you some of mine. There are young cpls that I would trust more than some seasoned sgts.
              Command ability is something that some people have and some don't. Some people make excellent cpls but lousy sgts, and visa versa. If you have a question as to why you were passed over, have a word with the officers. Ask them why. Did they know you were interested? If their reply is unsatisfactory, then take it to RDFRA. But be warned, you may not like what you hear and if you are wrong about why they promoted the other person, you will be bringing a heap of trouble down on yourself.

              If you are still not satisfied, then transfer.


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                Excellent advice. Alternatively, get out of the unit ...
                "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                      Let's get one thing very straight here. The attendance in your unit or any other unit for that matter did not go down because you were not promoted. You just stated that the person who was promoted doesn't attend very much himself so that obviously did not cause it either. You claim that you are always in attendance....maybe your attitude is causing others to stay away because you are the NCO and you are not a happy person.

                      One other point about age and experience. They don't mean anything. The army is trying very hard to reduce the age profile in the entire defence forces. Old soldiers are nothing but trouble. The army thrives on young pimple faced privates and corporals who are easily brainwashed. I was in Shannon airport recently when two planes full of US troops came through enroute to Iraq. There were about 500 - 600 of them and I can honestly say that only about ten were over 30 years old. The vast majority were under 21 with most being around 18-20 years old. The army wants corporals who are very young and inexperienced so they can mould them into young sergeants who will resign before they get old and old in the army is not very old at all.


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                        GodBlessS&T has raised an issue that has affected a lot of people without them actually knowing it. How many people have received places in Recruit classes or Cadet classes due to their fathers. What about the people whose places they took? And unfortunately there is nothing that people can do, because, unless you are already in the organisation, you don't know that it is happening. It is also something that there is no written proof of. This just has to remain an ugly but true fact in the Defence Forces. Hey, if you wish in one hand and shit in the other, you'll see which fills up first.
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                          Originally posted by GodBlessS&T
                          Yet this whole thing is destroying morale in the unit, and the powers that be know this through the attendance, or lack of it.....
                          So, we will live with it, and tolerate it, because at the end of the day nothing can be done about it.
                          If your argument is genuine, well then tell your officers. They are not mind readers. If there is a problem, well then they should be able to do something about it. Lack of attendance does not mean that they know what the problem is, merely that they realise there is a problem. Worse case scenario, take it to your CS and he will have words with your Comdt. You CS is your direct line to the CO.

                          Don't sit back and do nothing. If you follow correct procedure, then there is no reason to. However, Morale does not collapse over one bad promotion. If it is a series of things, then let your opinions be known. Gather together the other NCOs and mention it to the CS.

                          HOWEVER, in the end, it is the officers decision. A lot happens that no NCO hears about. The politics of being an officer has to be seen to be believed.

                          If you are really unhappy, then transfer.


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                            Let's get one thing very straight here. The attendance in your unit or any other unit for that matter did not go down because you were not promoted. You just stated that the person who was promoted doesn't attend very much himself so that obviously did not cause it either. You claim that you are always in attendance....maybe your attitude is causing others to stay away because you are the NCO and you are not a happy person.
                            You're right, it didn't. And you raise some good points, and I feel differently after reading your replys. You're obviously experienced, significantly more so than me, probably more than I will ever be, so rather than complain about things, I think the best thing to do is to focus on the Unit and what can be done for it.


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                              hold on there son !

                              A legal precedent was set a couple of years back...within the RDF...and it still stands !

                              Seniority in time served...thats it bottom line....if you have the time done as a Corporal irrespective of courses and a vacancy occurs ..It MUST be filled by the senior man

                              The minister fell foul to this ruling in the high court a couple of years back when an ancient corporal was passed over for promotion.

                              I don't agree with the ruling .....and I've been one who has been held back in the past regarding promotion as a guy who was a non attender ,reappeared when a vacancy came about.
                              No career officer is going to overturn this at the risk of minimising his pension benefits.
                              Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe