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How to hold the Steyr correctly when firing.

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  • How to hold the Steyr correctly when firing.

    I have always been taught to hold the Steyr with your right hand on the trigger grip and your left hand on the barrell grip but I have often seen photos of PDF and RDF members holding the rifle in a variety of different ways. The question is, which is the correct way or is it up to the individual. Here are two examples. Personally I find it more comfortable to hold it with the left hand on the trigger guard like the Philippino guy but I dont as Im not sure if this is acceptable or not. Any ideas anyone?
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    p.s. In case photos dont show they are at and respectively.
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    I've been told that when doing tactics, it's your own choice.

    Personally I find that it's easier to hold the first way (left hand on front of trigger guard) if you're going to be holding it for a very long time. I was shown a different (optional) way of holding it, for long range firing. You cradle the rifle in your left arm, with the bottom of the pistol grip resting above your elbow and your left hand right back behind the magazine release catch, on the bottom of the rifle. This way all the weight is supported by your left arm, and it's a very stable way of holding the rifle if standing.


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      If you dont hold the barrel grip or some where along there the rifle will pull up as you fire.

      Generally in all stances I have my right hand on the pistol grip (where the trigger is) and my left hand holding the barrel grip (in its down postion, perpendicular with the barrel). I then twist my two grips in opposite direstions (imagine if the weapon was soft and you were tring to twist it along the length). This "opposite lock" helps keep it steady. The take a breath, hold it and crack off a round (or ten).


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        Trained personnel are allowed adapt the firing positions. For example I prefer to hold the trigger guard with my left hand in the kneeling position. In the lying position the best way to hold it is to get as close as possible to the ground holding the barrel grip with your left hand resting the hand on the ground. When standing in the open I prefer folding up the barrel grip (careful not to burn your fingers). When standing in the trench use the barrel grip in the same way I described for lying.

        It's really a personal thing. You should practice what positions give you the most stability when you get a chance. You still must consider that there will be some recoil.

        Holding isn't everything. Your aim is important with the Steyr. Some people have difficulty with judging their aim. Trugger pull and breathing can affect your shooting. When pulling take up the first pressure on the trigger and breath in, breath out and pause before you next breath for about 6 seconds (no longer than 6 mind). Perfect you aim and Fire in this 6 second pause. When you pull the trigger and it fires keep your finger back and eye open. This is the follow-through. If you jerk the trigger it can affect the hold on the gun when the bullet is moving through the barrel.

        My advice to you would be to talk to an experienced NCO who's a good shot (they're not all).


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          As long as the barrels pointing towards the target, its all good.
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            I have seen many people make the mistake of trying to fire with their hand holding onto the forward folded barrel grip.
            Not advisable,unless you are wearing gloves.

            I am told the feeling returns to your finger after about an hour or two..

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              A lesson well learned.! Just make sure that you keep the muzzle pointing at the target and as soon as you start hitting same you'll know if you've got it right....or not!
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                I made the mistake of trying to clear a stopage in the dark while on ex. Welded the casing (that was stuck at 90 degrees to breech) to my fingers. Never again. Never had any bad burns form the barrel and also you def want to keep your fingers away from the gas plug!


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                  sore very sore invest in a pair of leater gloves you have to be able to feel through them potects against barrels thorns , and hungry privates
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                    recruits should be taught to hold it by the barrel grip and there after it sould be an informed desision , the barrel grip should be used for automatic fire , i personaly fire from prone holding it by the trigger guard,
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                      most accurate way to use the steyr from the prone position is to rest the base of the right hand on the ground and hold the barrel grip with the upper three fingers. the base of the barrel grip should not be rested.

                      Get away from the thinking of FN shooting where you rested on your elbows.Get as flat as possible and the left hand will support the weapon.

                      Now the eye relief where you are looking through the sight rather than trying put your eye as close to the sight as so the target becomes blurred. the sight is designed as such that you can actually aquire the target with both eyes open.

                      Get comfortable...the recoil is negligible so there is no need to bury the butt in the hollow of the shoulder. A firm grip dosen't mean that you have to pass out due to constriction of blood flow.

                      An remember to cock the weapon using an under arm movemnet rather than over arm as with the FN as again this becomes quite uncomfortable after a while.

                      rest between shots and view the target out side of the sight as prolonged use of the sight will cause blurring.

                      Breathing.......take a breath...exhale and squeeze the trigger. Holding of breath will cause the diaphram to expand and you will become unstableand move on the target.

                      Follow through. Make sure to hold the weapon on target for a couple of seconds after squeezing off the shot order to make sure that the round has left the barrel while the barrel is still pointing a the original point of aim.

                      point of aim the inner part of the reticule on the shoulders of the silouette anf use the use the vetical line aaginst the edge of the out line to make sure the rifle is straight ...If you main tain the same point of aim your shots can be adjusted on to the bull. Failing to maintain the same point of aim makes it impossible to adjust shots and zero rifles properly.

                      go try it it works ...and I've got the medals to prove it!
                      Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                        Holding isn't everything

                        oh yes it is

                        the Austrian guy would do well to tuck his arm in to his body to aid stability and prevent tiring of the arm leading to shaking
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                          Originally posted by hptmurphy
                          point of aim the inner part of the reticule on the shoulders of the silouette
                          Id agree at 100m but if you keep that for 200m and 300m id say that the shots would be landing very low.

                          The amount of people who cannt zero properly not keeping the same point of aim is scary. One guy I saw recently kept trying to adjust his aim despite the what armourer was telling him while adjusting the sites. He just didnt get it.

                          Would be good to get some decent images of the propers points of aim for silouette and snap targets.


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                            if you can hit the target and you are comfortable who cares as long as your happy
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                              Originally posted by madmark
                              if you can hit the target and you are comfortable who cares as long as your happy
                              Without injurying yourself or your comrades, or course.