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  • Clothing

    For alls information the process for issuing clothing has changed (at least in the East), hence long delays in issuing kit (eg SD No1, those on Pot NCOs courses!)

    1. Clothing forms (requisition & size) filled out

    2. Forms sent by Company Commander to Battalion HQ (if you have only joined, this can't be done untill the unit are informed (by Finance Branch, Galway, I think) of your army number)

    3. Forms are authorised by Battalion Commander and sent to Clothing Stores

    4. Clothing form and computer print out returned to unit

    5. The individual(s) must then PERSONALLY collect the clothing from the Stores (at a DESIGNATED time each month)

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    Originally posted by DeV
    5. The individual(s) must then PERSONALLY collect the clothing from the Stores (at a DESIGNATED time each month)
    From pdf stores, Bn stores or Coy stores?
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      PDF Central Clothing Stores (ie Brugha for East, although heard "rumours" that there is one in McKee as well)


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          Does this fit into Willies plans to re-org and modernise the Reserve, I think not. What clever dick thought this one up?


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            Since you have to sign your clothing form (its a 245B in the PDF) and the computer print out, why does the Clothing stores return these to your unit before you collect your kit.

            By the way welcome to our world. From Clonmel we have to travel 50 miles to Limerick to get kit. When they have kit. The system is a disaster but the guys who thought it up think it's great.
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              For any one in the Brugha (especially NCOs) you should know that is a particularly sore point. Certainly considering recent actions. If you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry. Either way I think this could be a dangerous thread.



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                Will the clothing store open during off peak times or do people have to take their own time off work/school etc.?

                Will the stores make efforts to provide this service despite 3 month long stock checks, a 6 month repainting of the stores or the fact that the storeman has an itchy foot?

                Will it be permissable to train a soldier who has been sworn in, received his army number but is waiting a whole month for his uniform, in civies?


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                  I'm sure that something that RDFRA would joyfully embrace and sort out for us.........
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                    Is that a newly improved and more efficient issue system? If so can I suggest that those in the DF

                    A: Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook, and process these forms with digital signatures. Legally it's the same as paper forms, and if anyone can sort out secure e-mail I would hope the DF could.

                    B: Learn how to check transports each day, and sort the required kit so that it goes on the next vehicle to the required destination. As in XX Bn need 12 full sets, put them together in a box, leave them at the gate and next time a vehicle is heading towards, say, Renmore in Galway the box goes on truck.

                    C: Learn about laser scanners- if a bogarse transport company can have an online tracking & receipt system for delivieries, why not the DF?

                    Paper records for purely internal transactions should be a thing of the past at this stage.
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                      Just to throw my personal experience in the hat, my friend applied to join the RDF last September. Was sworn in in January and has still not recieved a uniform... kinda disgraceful.


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                        I wouldn't worry about ...thats the normal carry on.
                        Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                          Shouldn't be that way though should it, I mean the lad is being allowed parade in civvies and he's well ahead of some uniformed recruits and even some of the 2*'s - he's a great reservist and potential reg. that may well be lost due to bullshit organisation. And if this is normal carry on then how many talented potential soldiers do the DF lose every year due to their own piss poor organisation?


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                            I have a recruit platoon in training since October,sworn in late december,many are still waiting on Smocks.
                            Personally I am still waiting on Norge fleece,rank markings,nametag.
                            I can do without the first item,i had to buy the second item,and Up to last week I managed without the last item.
                            No sign of any of the above being issued.

                            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                              Under the old system, I had to wait over a month for my initial issue of working dress, and then another good few months for my combats.

                              The idea is actually sound in theory (apart from the paperwork going backwards and forwards that is) :

                              Clothing stores were recommended to be centralised by PWC in 1998 as it makes it a lot cheaper to run - staff, inventory, space, etc

                              The new bit, having to go in ... what you get should fit (and more importantly there isn't a load of kit waiting to be collected in a unit from a new recruit, who may not turn up) ... the thinking probably is that if they have to go in to collect the uniform they will stay longer.

                              My thinking is that this is all about euros