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    footdrill can be pretty confusing for GIs and it takes more then the week they get in one of the armys nicer barraks especilly with the pratice where parades arent held for month after summer camp and then they are off to collage for a year its all new to them again come the next year,.
    i see where hpt murphy is coming from if privates get advancements in rank there training should reflect this but sadly this is not always the case gaps exist in our training at all ranks , i once had to do a section in attack demo for some pdf types had no 2ic so i appointed a pte , couple of minutes later i discovered to my embarresment that they were all last years recruits and couldnt remeber anything about tactics fsg KFC, point of fire??? all the same to them , no point in blaming them
    the dilligent strive to fill their knowlage beggeing borrowing the relevent meterial , dont think this forum is the place but..
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      Originally posted by California Tanker
      I can still remember my foot/arms drill, occasionally demonstrate it as a 'party piece' for my US colleagues. Problem is I sometimes can't recall the words of command.
      For Cal tanker


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        Nick - Me too - got creamed in basic over this. Me and another ex-7 BN went through basic at Benning and the DS's were all over us as every time we would do that. The comment we both usually got was "you're not in the British Army anymore". We never told them of our prior service even after we graduated.
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