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    I was looking at a report on the re-org of the defence forces and I came across a bit on the possibility of the reserves taking part in overseas duty (Kosovo I think).

    How would a reservist go about applying for this ?

    Or are they only proposing it a the minute ?

    As I hope to join the PDF next year, this would be of benefit.
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    its years away, i'd say about 2011-2
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      5 years off at the earliest....

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Even then you won't be going as infantry.

        Doctors and cooks and other support staff are whats needed. Plenty of infanrty available in the PDF.
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          would pharmacists be included in included in that?


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            if the Dail pass a special enabling act to allow pharmacists to serve [ sounds weird ] then off you go, else they'll give you a short service PDF commission/enlistment to sort out the regs.
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              Will RDF get overseas

              Just wanted to know if the RDF will ever get overseas since theve changed the name and its not only local defence forces and with the emalgimation in october


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                If you even read the first page of tha army section you will see lots of posts dealing with the questions you have just asked.

                Every new thread you have created has been covered already,many during the last 7 days!

                PLEASE read the board. Dont just post a new thread on the first thing that pops into your head!

                Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                  well i never, sorry im new to this internet stuff


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                    The idea regarding the Reserve Defence Force is good and other countries engaged in peacekeeping allow their reserves to go on overseas duties. It is under active consideration as part of the reorganisation of the Reserve Defence Force. A number of issues must be worked out, such as security of employment so that people will be able to go overseas and return to a secure job. We are engaged in negotiations with employers’ representatives on that. We are also examining what type of reserve personnel will be allowed to go overseas, whether we will confine it to technical trained personnel such as engineers, doctors, cooks and drivers or open it up generally. Those matters are still under consideration. Discussions are ongoing between my Department and the representative association of the Reserve Defence Force. It is a good idea and I hope to be able to implement it.



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                      its not going to be infantry for a very very long time to come thats for sure.... maybe if the DF was stretched overseas with some future missions then there might be some reason for RDF soldiers to go.


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                        a good leader should always have a strategic reserve

                        our good leaders have a valuable strategic reserve but in reality it is used as a social club and a way of keeping kids off the street

                        for that the next order half our generals should be receiving is big mac and chips

                        as for the question of the rdf overseas

                        When this happens
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                          Moany ****s

                          What a shower of moany ****s some of you are. Did anyone of you every hear about thinking about the positives and from the information given out so far as I heard a small but substantial % of the Inf Bn to serve overseas in 2007 will be RDF.


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                            Originally posted by Laoch
                            I heard
                            Wait till you know and then start being positive.
                            As for accuracy, presumably the missile carries MRVs with terminal phase sensors and guidance.


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                              I've been hearing similar things since I joined in 1998, its always next year or 2.