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The Bofors AA gun...

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  • The Bofors AA gun...

    Hello all
    How did the Bofors deal with the clip from the load of four rounds? Did it pass the clip thru the gun or eject it?
    What kind of maintenance cycle is used on such a weapon?

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    If I remember correctly the L40/60 as used by the Naval Service aboard the sweepers and PVs ejected the clip through the left hand side of the body ..although I am open to correction on this.
    Miantainance was on a weekly inspection basis and before and after firing . The nature of exposure to salt air meant the weapons were only uncovered when completley nessacary. The manual would indicate when the mandatory maintaince was to be carried out. I cannot comment on tyhe L40/70 as this weapon operates slightly differntly from the older version and was not adopted until well after I had left the service.
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      hpt is right...the L60 had the clips loaded from the left side with the back of the clip facing the loader.when the 4 rounds were fully seated in the autoloader the disengaging pauls would detach the clip from the 4 rounds and allow it to fall out by the loaders feet on the left side of the gun....the L70 acts on exactly the same principal except for the fact that clips can be loaded from each side by 2 loaders...
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