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  • RDF battalion organisation

    sorry if this comes across as stupid or niave ( i was with d coy 10bn eons ago),but i was wondering as to the organization of a typical rdf bn . unlike a pdf bn i know that a rd(fca)
    bn has 5 companies . what i was wondering was if was 1 of them support oriented and if they were so equiped . since i was in a support coy in the pdf it would seem natural that i should apply for a similar reserve unit or am i been too optomistic ?
    Anyone need a spleen ?

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    Not all RDF units have 5 coys. Some have 3. The proposed reorg should sort out all this,bringing the bns in line with PDF structures.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      Bn org

      Ollie by the sounds of it you are in the same boat as me. Ex PDF thinking about joining the RDF.

      What I will say is this. Have a good look around before you commit to a unit ( or coy for that matter).See what the RDF unit has to offer. I was told by one Dublin unit (no names no scandal) that my time in the PDF would count for zero and I would have to go through RDF recruit training, just as if I was a 17 year old walking in off the streets. To that unit, 10+ years in the regs would have counted for nothing.

      No disrespect intended to any recruits in the RDF, but I have a list of courses as long as your arm and in my opinion that has to count for something.

      I'd be interested in hearing from the RDF bods on how they feel about this. Should previous service be taken into account or should it be back to square one?

      Let me know.


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        Pervious service will be taken into account, I know ex PDF members who have gone in at their old rank (cpl, Sgt) so long as a vacancy exists at the rank that you were at before.

        To be honest talk to the Cadre staff not the RDF members, as you know they control the admin and are best placed to tell you what will happen, but it would be mad to suggest that you would have to repeat recurit training. I think offically you have to sign up as a recurit but may be promoted at the CO's discression if you have suitable experience, so talk to the PDF Cadre first!!!!
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          Without question skill should be transferrable. So if you were a NCO in the PDF you should be able to come into the RDF as an NCO. But i think that people in your situation should be interview by the Unit you are planning on joining to see what you have to offer and will you be able to fit into the current make up of the unit.


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            To be fair Medic,any unit who expects a former PDFr with 10 years experience to do recruit training again should be disbanded Immediately.
            There is an attitude among the semi civilians who "lead" the RDF that "If we didnt teach them,then they didnt learn it". A unit I was in (no names ..yet) had a former FCA gunner who had served in the BA,and a female who had completed recruit training with the PDF before dropping out. The female was given 3 stars and bluffed her way around,while the former Brit soldier/fca gunner had to go through what must have been a very boring recruit training.Another individual who had served 10 years in the NS,and 5 years in the FCA was told he would also have to return to recruit level if he intended joining the reserve. Naturally he declined.In my opinion the "recruit" had experience and knowledge miles beyond the girl who had dropped out of PDF training.
            Another unit in which I served(again no names..or the other crowd will figure out who I am talking about) had many former PDFrs join,and all were now the backbone of the unit,providing expertise and training that no FCA/RDF man/woman could ever hope to see in a purely reserve environment.
            Units are turning their back on experienced people in case they upset the status quo of a unit or perhaps show up the NCOs of that unit for the knowledge they lack.
            Few former members of the PDF want to join the reserve after they leave. Can we then afford to turn away those with expertise and experience who want to join? Do the powers that be in the RDF feel it would be better off without this knowledge?
            You find that units with members who formerly served in the PDF to be a far more practical,useful unit than those without,who may be good at non important things such as drill ceremonial etc...
            I agree there ollie,shop around with all the units..see what they will offer you.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              Very relevant points. To be honest i was amazed to be told i'd have to go through recruit trg again.

              The official line the RDF take is that you come in one rank below what you were in the PDF (a cadre friend told me this) so i couldn't understand the logic of what this crowd were saying to me

              I would go in as a 3star if this line was taken and would have no problem with this.

              Here's another one for you to ponder. Should PDF service count toward RDF promotion (should someone for example with 3 years in the regs get priorty for an NCO's course over someone with 2 years in the RDF?)
              I'm not trying to cause a row here, just interested in opinions


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                I think a PDF corporal with years experience should be welcomed into a company with open arms as a corporal! Think of the new experience it'd bring in, increased professionalism etc. If I was a C/O Id be after a few good ex pdf instructors to improve the training foundation.

                As for jumping the queue for courses, I dunno. If I was next in line for a course Id waited 2 years for, Id be less than impressed to see an ex pdf'r go over my head. I think the next person in line for a promotion should stay at that place in the order but the pdf'r should go in behind him or her in the queue for the promotion course.

                I know that relegates the person in 2nd position back to third but its less painful to go from 2-3 than 1-2, and often its clear who the next person to be promoted will/should be, while the vacancy after that wouldnt even be thought about.

                That way, the PDFr is fast tracked to a deserved promotion but stands on minimum toes in the process.. thereby creating minimum decent and maximum gain for the unit.

                Just a thought


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                  It Depends on what qulifications you attained in your PDF position aswell. In our unit a PDF Ground pounder returned and was put through recruit training.

                  And RDF Battalions will be linked in with their PDF sisiter units on reorg. For Example 27bn+8bn 7bn+5Bn and 2Bn +21+20bn's (Sorry any 21 or 20 ppl but 8 coys between 2 Bn's isn't gonna work in the reorg.)

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                    the reason i asked is that offically i was transferred to the army reserve to see out the remainder of my service .i am on the reserve strength of my parent unit but could and likely will be assigned to a fca unit under the plans for greater intergration (so i am led to believe) .all i was wondering was if there was a coy in the role of support coy or has this change yet to happen
                    Anyone need a spleen ?


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                      as far is i can see from the re org document there are no plans for a spt coy with the rdf bn.
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                        normally in our shower if you 've just left the PDF the'l make u acting up with a place on the next NCO's course .(if u want) if you carry rank all the better saves a place on the NCOs course .....we will offer you sexual favours for your knowledge and expierience....providing you can drink.....
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                          3 cmpanies a battalion, woulden't you want to call it a half battalion, or quarter battalion or...


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                            Bailer in reply to your point, why should an ex PDFer have to redo rec trg.

                            The individual would have already done it in the regs.
                            I can understand if the bod goes from PDF inf to, say RDF arty that they would have to do a gunners course, but army rec trg is standardised irrespective of what corps you join.

                            hptmurphy, sexual favours for knowledge eh?
                            You've got me thinking. Wouldn't take that long to drive to Clonmel of a Tuesday night!


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                              Guys the amount of speculation here is amazing; didn't any of you check R5 where it's actually laid out what is supposed to happen ?

                              Section 20 if anyone's interested in the facts regarding rank on enlistment for new recruits and for ex-PDF

                              available at RDFRA site now....
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