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    First sorry if this has been asked and answered lots of times. I tried the search function but didn't find what i was looking for. I've applied for army and I am just waiting for word from Dublin re interviews and fitness. I've started training so I should be ok for the fitness test.
    I'm guessing that just about passing the fitness will leave the initial training tough for a recruit. So just how fit should I be. What will be expected of me when I start training(if I'm accepted)? Should I expect regular 10k runs etc....

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you apply as a Cadet or Recruit?


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        If you want to become battle fit then begin jogging regularly and go to the country and begin hillwalking gradually increasing the weight on your back as your performance improves.

        The jogging will improve your cardio-vascular system and the hillwalking will build stamina and endurance.

        Also push-ups and sit-ups to improve strength.

        Remember to stretch before and after each exercise period to help prevent injury.

        And always talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise regieme.

        I am not a PTI so go to your local gym for advice.
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          Thanks for speedy reply. I applied as a recruit.

          Joshua thanks for the useful information. What I'd like to know is what is expected of me during the initial 16 weeks training.


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            Read Parts reply etc.


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              100% thanks


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                You are very welcome.

                There are many threads which refer to RECRUIT TRAINING from which you can extract some useful information. Go and take a browse, every little helps.


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                  The new syllabus of training for recruits is in effect now,the Pt module has changed from the last one.PT's will vary from runs(speed & endurance)at different distances,to scout pacing,to loaded marches,circuit trg,gym work etc.But it is all taken at an easy pace to start off with.Once you keep yourself fit you'll have no problem.There's nothing worse than seeing a 20 year old who can't run 2 miles comfortably!
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