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Centre set-up to monitor war

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  • Centre set-up to monitor war

    Good to see the army has got itself in gear, Correct me if Im wrong but I cant remember them doing something like this before!!

    Centre set-up to monitor war

    AN INCIDENT centre has been set-up at Defence Forces headquarters in Dublin to monitor the war in Iraq and and is being manned round the clock by military personnel.

    Army intelligence officers are being deployed from yesterday to keep watch on developments and prepare briefings for civil servants and politicians. The centre will not be available to the public.

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    I think the government in gereral has got quite a shock since Sept 11. First we had the anthrax scares thoughout the country with too few EOD teams and untrained fire personal and infrastructure to deal with them. We had RAF tornados partrolling our airspace immeditaly after the sept 11 attack. Minsters telling us that we look to the UK to defend our airspace. An ARW wing that has to move by land in the event of a crisis. A Naval Service too small for our coastline. An Air Corp....? well a nice and soon to be well resourced MATS " expensive taxi service".

    And then there was Shannon. Irish troops deployed like a RRF Unit to the Airport to protect its Buliding and aircraft and to keep a bunch of "crusties" out.

    So maybe this year will be a turning point for Defence and security in general. I hear armed Gardai are now on duty at Dublin, Cork and Shannon on a 24hr basis.

    I doubt they well increase defence spending much..........until it is too late.....


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      Five Irish soldiers to be evacuated from Kuwait . Indo
      09:56 Wednesday March 19th 2003
      Five Irish soldiers who were part of a UN mission monitoring the Iraq-Kuwait border are due to be evacuated from Kuwait in the coming days. The UN mission was suspended on Monday after US President George W Bush gave Iraqi President Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave the country or face war. More than 200 observers have since been moved from the border posts to Kuwait City and are due to return to their home bases in the coming days.