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    Hey Tanker

    How did you do it? I am in SF too and trying to get into the US Reserves. I was in the FCA back home but left before i finished rec trainging (things at the time had reached the lowest of low points) but I always regret it because things (surprise surprise) got a lot better after I left. My dad put in over 21 years in S&T and my brother is still there, and probably has 22 years now. So, I am jealous every time I hear the git shite on about all the cool stuff he is now doing.

    Anyway, my buddy is an O-4 with the Navy Reserve in Monteray and is trying to get my to join, talked to a few recruiters but they are the biggest bunch of shoulder shruggers I have ever met in my entire life.

    So how did *YOU* do it???? Go in as E or O? Is is easier in the NG or AR if that's what you are in?

    Spill the beans man!


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    I went in as an E-4 MOS'd 09S (Officer Candidate) in the National Guard. I don't see how it would be any more difficult to get into the Active Army than the reserve components. I ran into a chap from Tallaght two days ago who had clocked up 18 years in the regular US Army so far, and had been to Panama and Gulf War II. (He was a drill sergeant in my basic training company in Ft Knox actually, but I never saw him: At the time he had moved to an admin position)

    Truth be told, I initially tried to get into the Air Guard (that Air/Sea rescue/SpecOps unit down at Moffet Field), but I got absolutely bugger-all response from them. I didn't feel like chasing 'em down, got directed to a tank unit, and haven't looked back since.

    Drop me an email,

    Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!