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  • Warminster "a Shit Cool Place"

    Last week I was over in Warminster UK on a PIOFV potential infantry officer fam visit. Whilst there I had a chance to visit the infantry weapons collection that the British army have been collecting and testing for the last three hundred or something years. I must admitt that the experience was fantastic I got the chance to hold and see every modern assault rifle,light machine gun and pistol apart from the new Peoples liberation Army assualt rifle. There was eveything from the G36, long barrel styer, Mimimi,colt commando, and sniping rifles such as the barret light fifty. I also got the chance to fire the SA-80 A1 on a simulated range and got a chance to hold and see every support weapon and climb in every infantry support vehicle including the light strike specials. The British army really do go out of their way to promote the armed forces. I went to many many different type of warfare stands and talked to troops and officers from unit's such as the royal Irish and Para's to name but two. All in all I had a brillant time. I even saw an Irish army officer and said hi but he didn't speak back. I would welcome comments and questions on the experience and hope to answer them as best I can.
    Thanks from the Thing P.S hi Andy

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    Question 1: How did you go about getting there?
    Question 2: Why where you there?
    Question 3: Have you any photos?


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      Yes the B.A is more professional in the way in which it brings people into the army than the IDF.

      Although the IDF has made progress in recent years it still trails by a huge margin.

      I would love to see the IDF set up some such facility in the Curragh, it could be used not only for potential soldiers but also as a P.R tool for the public, politicians and journalists and the like.

      Many of the things demonstrated would take next to no money to do, only a positive attitude.

      ( I bet you really enjoyed TRYING to fire the SA80, putting your left had over your head trying to cock the thing while lodging the sight firmly in your eye and trying to balance the damn thing all at the same time!! LOL)


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        reply to inf boy

        Inf boy answering your question, the British Ministry of defence paid for all my travel arrangements from Dublin airport to Warmister training barracks including flight,rail and taxi etc.
        I wish to join the British armed forces as an officer as I am totally disillusioned with the sate of our defence forces and the stance that the government have taken with the defence forces and foreign policies over the years.
        I appreciate that some people reading this post may take a dim view of my desired ambitions and of my attuide pertaining to the defence forces and the government
        I am an ex Permanent defence force member having served with the army for 3 years undertaking a tour of duty with UNIFIL is South Lebanon during my service.

        I have also served for 4 years with the reserve defence forces and have clocked up many course under my belt with the PDF/RDF ranging from power boat driver to APC gunner to signals operator.
        I really want a career as an army officer but after serving with the Irish defence forces I feel that I could not committ myself any futher to this goal.
        Last year I returned to finnish off my leaving certificate and hope to complete it with my desired results next june.
        I was there on a potential infantry officer familiarization visit, just over to see and get a feel for the infantry.
        I'm afraid I didn't take any photographs during the visit but as I say I'd be happy to answer any more questions on the subject.
        Thanks from The Thing.


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          I understand exactly where you are coming from... Went for a RN Officer/Pilot but was unsuccessful. They change the citizenship requirements post Sept 11 just before my second interview. The amount of training and sheer chance to out your training into use was the real attraction. Along with the world wide travel and opertunities


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            well i can see how your dissillusioned, i myself am thinking of the cadets after college but will probably be too old by that stage, so if my own df can't/won't take me i could see myself across the water, trying for an officers course. I say bollox to this row about serving the queen at the end of th day to me the army is a job and if i can combine my interest in the military and engineering i will gladly join any army that will take me.
            Thanks for highlighting the point


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              Too old? I thought that with College + reserve duty they extended the upper age limit?



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                na dont think so you can do a direct entry if you are over the age limits but its not the same engineer first soldier second, as opposed the cadets where you are a soldier first engineer second. 25 is the upper/upper age limit for those in the pdf, rdf service counts for nothing anymore i think.


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                  you might still be ok for the Cadets when you finish college

                  Be not less than 17 years of age and under 23 years of age on 1 October, in year of Competition.

                  The upper age limit is extended to under 25 years of age in the competition year, to candidates who are members of the Permanent Defence Force or, to holders of a Third Level Degree, or to Naval Service applicants who are holders of a Diploma as specified below.


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                    Kermit, any idea what the engineering officer pay is like in the BA?


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                      And remember those pay rates are in Sterling £££££


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                        That's bloody good money.
                        A graduate engineer with a decent degree here (UK) can expect to start on around £18-19k.


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                          To Kermit

                          It's all very informal tea and crumpet's and a jolly god chat about HM Armed Forces and the likes. All it i really is for is to explain the selection route and so fourth. First of all he will show you a video and then take questions and so fourth.
                          You say you are intrested in royal signals then he may get in tough with a signals unit (upon your request) and you may perhaps be invited over to see what they do or to a signals familizaration visit much like the infantry one.
                          After this if you decide the army is for you, you go forward to a RCB (regular commissioning board) briefing this takes place over one 24 hour period and includes all sorts of tests from fitness to intelligence etc.
                          If you pass this then you go forward to the regular RCB which lasts 4 days and is a much tougher version of the briefing if you pass this then you can go forward to Sandhurst untill you are 29 years old.
                          Hope this helps by the way it's all on the webpage. Good luck with it.