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Non-Irish citizen question.

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  • Non-Irish citizen question.

    Hi everyone,
    I have what may seem like a silly question to you, but I can't seen to find any information on it. Came accross this site, so thought I would take a shot and seeing what you lot know, if you don't mind helping me out. I am an American, but am looking to relocate to Ireland within the next year .. do you allow non-citizens to enlist? Our military does, though the jobs are limited until you gain your citizenship. I am 22 already, and I see that the cutoff is 25 .. I'm not sure I would have time to obtain citizenship before the cutoff. Unless of course you guys hand out waviers (as our military does) like candy. Any information on this would be great .. thanks in advance. Btw, great site!

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    You have to have the right to reside and work here for at least the minimum term of enlistment. But can I ask you a question .........Why??????


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      Ya, i go along with Bravo.........why ?? seriously


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        After reading this thread, I too, had to ask why? When you have the choice of the US Military and our defence force, Why?

        Is there an echo in here?
        Theres no place like


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          Of course we don't want to discourage anyone, its just that it is very strange to us.


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            Yes indeed, I add my own:




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              Hi again!
              Well, why, good question .. I can't say my research is accurate by any means, up until now I've had nothing more than google and a few friends with "maybe" knowledge. Firstly, I liked the commitment you're required to make .. in the US Army now, they want to pay big bucks to treat you like a baby and get you in. If you want to piss off during your service, you may get slapped with a few reps, but oh well, you've been given a 20,000 dollar bonus and a free college education, who cares? And that is the problem, from what I've gathered, you guys have people because they want to be there (I could be wrong, and I know all have their bad apples). I am a police officer in the states, and we certainly have ours. I was in the US Marine Corps, and while I loved my Corps, the opporunities for a female (yeah, I'm one of those) are really bad. I didn't want easy promotion, and I didn't want to be behind a desk .. I wanted to challenge myself, serve and reap the benefits of knowing I was part of a greater thing than myself. I know, I know, idealistic, but even after being a police officer, I refuse to become jaded. I've been looking to move to Ireland for awhile now, I have family there, and wanted to see about serving there. The military is about the closests I could really get to my job now there, and it is really something that gets in your blood. I don't know all of the opitions with your service, to be certain, but I would like to find out ... and know if there is any way I could even have a chance at joining before I hit the cutoff years. At 22, I'm feeling aged looking at that 25 year old cut off!


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                Well fair enough if you are interested. But you will have to consider that if you go in you will be training alongside 18 yr olds and not too many females. Is it the officer or enlisted ranks that you were interested. You might be surprise at the DF after serving with the Marine Corp. In fact i might add you may well be disapointed. If you looking for action, excitement of even the chance of combat you are looking at the wrong country. But the opinions of a female PDF person would be a big help to you. Don't know if we have any on our board.


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                  Hi Eagle,
                  I can't say that I am looking for combat, I actually see that EVERYDAY at work, between the gang shootings and the triple homicides (bad area) lots of bloody reports. It is the enlisted that I am most interested in, mostly I want a active lifestyle in which I can get training .. I'm not really sure as to what options are open for women there, I was working at becoming a EOD tech for my police department. Not sure how you hand out your MOS, er, jobs .. or if that is even open to women. I bossed 18 year old around, and learned to work with them.. they weren't too bad if you can get past the silly jokes and endless cliches. I'm not sure how it is there, but typically here once out of their basic training (in the Marine Corps) we all kind of grow up. I really just want something I can be commited to, a job I can enjoy and keep active as much as possible within the element I am used to.


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                    Ok so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to enquire. You could ring the Defence Forces. But one major issue is the rates of pay in the DF one single word "crap" and i'm sure most other on this board would agree. Try to live happily in Ireland today on that salary !

                    Don't want to put you off, but do a bit more looking into it. Try to get some info off current serving members. If its not for you, you could always get a civy job here and join the Reserve although with your part experience you might go mad in the RDF.

                    Best of luck anyway........

                    conact details for the DF are on


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                      Thank you kindly for your help and time in humouring my questions. The pay isn't a problem, cops here get paid minimum, I'm used to squeezing the tea bags until they scream! Thanks again.


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                        I don't have any direct information to offer regarding whether foreign nationals can enlist in the PDF here.
                        However, the way I look at it you would be a welcome addition to our DF's because of the different attitude and experience you could bring to the forces here.

                        Another possible route for you would be (after you have settled here) to join our Reserve Defence Force as this would give you a taste of Force life here AND members of the Reserve Forces are allowed to join the Permanent Defence Force up to the age of about 30.

                        Either that or you could apply to join the Garda Siochana (Police) - you would have an extra year in which to join - their current age limit to join is 26.

                        IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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                          Em..first of all are you looking to enter the Reserves or pursue a career?
                          The Reserves (RDF) are at this point essentially a social group, it's not that dedicated personnel don't exist but the current management systems mean that the few are diluted by a far too many who have no real interest in soldiering and the result can sometimes be sickening, (this is someone with no other military experience speaking), they are also unpaid and trusted with very little in terms of role.
                          The regular Army/naval service/air corps (PDF) are all proffesional and most personnell are dedicated to fulfiiling their military role, however they too are underequipped and misused often performing tasks that are really the domain of private security firms or the police.
                          Thats not to say that service in either organisation is without reward and certainly we in the reserves have a large number of former proffessional soldiers serving in our ranks while things have improved slightly for the army, at least to the extent that operational personnel will in the visible future be adequately equipped for their role.
                          The Irish defence forces also have one of the most total equality policies in terms of access, female personnel are entitled to serve in all branches units and roles in all three services including if you fancy that kind of thing special forces.
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                            The Gardai in 3 Words

                            You're even dumber than I tell people

                            You might have been infected but you never were a bore


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                              I live in the Bay Area. I am actually in Texas right now (yee-ha!) but when I get back we can meet up and I can tell you a little bit about the DF back home. I am not as down on it as most folks here are, but, as they said you may be a little bit disappointed after the marines. Just read "Boot" on the plane (First class upgrade, you have to love it, but the guy beside me was farting like a lunatic).


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