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Should medics have weapons training???

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  • Should medics have weapons training???

    Should medics have weapons training??? All medics in the PDF will ahve done some weapons training before the become medics do you think that RDF medics should have weapons training on their syllabus. I know there is something in the Geneva convention that states the medics should only carry weapons to defend themselves and their casaulties/ most medic NCO's would do a crash course in weapons training for their pots and standards courses but do u think it should be all medics???

    over to you!!!!!
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    Yes Yes Yes. If you look at the med coys in the pdf logs bn, they carry weapons. Medics are still soldiers. One of the major issues in the Irish army is Medics and weapons. The reason for this is that for a long time medics got away with not having to do soldiery stuff because they didn't carry weapons. Henceforth the medics knew they were onto a good thing and never pushed the issue of weapons.

    It was in my opinion a cop out. A medic should be no more than an infantry soldier with a high level of medical training.


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      What's the attraction of joining the RDF as a medic if you don't do weapons?
      Might as well join Civil Defence or order of Malta if that's the case, you'll play with shinier toys.


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        Also if the shit ever hits the fan would you rather have a steyr or a red cross for protection. I know which one I choose


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          On a related topic,
          What courses do medics train in?


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            To the best of my knowledge (rdf wise) the basic training a medic undergoes is akin to little more than a basic first aid course.

            Pdf medics can now undergo the EMT course but it takes a while to get it. The medics are sent to the Fire brigade to be trained on this course.

            The Basic medics course is 10 weeks long and pretty much covers everything an EMT course covers. Big difference is the practical experience. EMT students go out on DFB ambulances as observers for a set amount of hours and also do hospital placements. Lads (and ladies) on the medics course don't get to do either of those.
            They are expected to be on top of their game after a 10 week course and no practical placements.


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              Is there an equivalent to the British Combat Medical Technician course?

              Does an Irish army medic have the extended scope of practice that other countries have?


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                On question one NO

                On question two Yes, but partially. When working on other military personell a medic can IV.There are a few other little things but unless you have a med backround I'd be boring you with details.

                A medic has to do a separate 2 wk course to become Defibrillator qualified. This is an integral part of the EMT course. Also in relation to my above point, you can IV other military personell, but they don't show you how to do it on the basic course.


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                  Well medics are probably one of the only units in the RDF that put there training to real use and all the equipment the medics used is state of the
                  art. The defence forces doesn't usually cut corners there , saed, intubation kits , ked's o2 bottles , spinal boards collars to name but a few. A recruit medic starts with the theory and some practical to reach there 2 star level then the training moves awy from the theory and is more hands on after 3 star level u can apply for the ambulance skills , audiogram , ocupational course run by the medical school. Its the only unit where your training never stops and you can use this training in civvy to good avail. I know i have numerous times ever heard of Florence Nightingale syndrome!!!! :D :D :D a good mix of practical living saving sklills mixed in with a varied military life , when on attachment with diffderent units always get a go of the different weapons so life in the medics is definitely more varied than most
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                    I would have to point something out to you here.

                    You state that a medic can apply for the occupational course ect.
                    In civvie street the occ course is only a very basic course which gets you a cert at the end of it.

                    Im not slagging any medics off, but this is still a very low standard of training.

                    If you look at what army medics are there for, their training if anything should be to a very high standard, not a basic one wrapped up in a fancy name


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                      Medics do phlebotomy(drawing blood) courses when they were sent to the leb assisted in surgery because there was no one else to do it. RDF medics do the defib course as part of their ambulance skills course. 2 LSB has a combat medic unit made up of EMT's an ex-ARW. These members are supposed to be fully integrated in infantry sections. Does anyone know whether this is true or not?????
                      I went into an Italian restaurant and ordered dessert and they gave me tiramisu and a blindfolded horse and I said No, I said mask a pony (mascarpone)


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                        Let me put you straight on this

                        Med coy 2LSB is not made up of ex wing and emt personell

                        When that unit was formed NO ONE in the unit had ever done even a basic medics course.

                        THe unit now has 2 EMT's, both of whom qualified in the last 2 yrs


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                          For medic

                          The standard of training is as high as the syllabus says RDF medics are not allowed places on EMT courses and funding to do it on your own is very very hard to come byAny course I was on with PDF medics there was.............. To the RDF medics sorry to burst your bubble most PDF medics get caught up in admin jobs and tend to forget their skills, hope I'm not stereotyping here!!!????!!!!
                          I went into an Italian restaurant and ordered dessert and they gave me tiramisu and a blindfolded horse and I said No, I said mask a pony (mascarpone)


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                            You've kind of lost me with your last msg


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                              A couple of years ago I trained two sections of medics on weapons ..probably the most interested students I have ever had... there reasons for learning were completly different but they did appreciate the lessons. yes these guys want to learn..please don't slag these guys off because of their role...they are more enthusiastic than some
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